Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST Review

If there is one thing Final Fantasy is known for besides  it's unique story, memorable characters and cheesy moments is the music. With the new release Final Fantasy XIII-2 occupying the hearts of RPG fans around the world, we sat back and listen to the four disc OST for the game. Is the OST worthy of joining the ranks of Final Fantasy classics, or is this OST a flop.

One thing to say about Final Fantasy XIII-2 original soundtrack that it's very different from any Final Fantasy OST. Unlike other Final Fantasy original soundtracks, this one has three separate composers that contribute their own styles of music into the project. We have the return of Masashi Hamauzu who composed Final Fantasy XIII. New composers to the series is Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki. With three different composers we get three different styles and apporaches to the soundtrack. Masashi Hamauzu mainly focuses on themes from the original series and characters from the original game, while Naoshi Mizuta focused mainly on the new characters. Finally Mitsuto Suzuki provided the techno, vocal songs and pop tracks. 

For the most part the soundtrack is good. The soundtracks is four discs in total and it strays away from the Final Fantasy sound that we're use too. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but not a good one for Final Fantasy purist. We get our classical tracks which I think stands out the most. Tracks like "Noel Theme" and "Recollection Of The Future" are nice piano tracks that will bring you into the world. The problem with some of the classical tracks is that it sounds uninspired, generic and didn't leave me with an epic feel. Some tracks sound so basic or boring that you really don't feel the music, it's not memorable and its easily forgotten. However where the soundtrack shines is the addition of vocal and techno tracks. The vocal tracks provided by Mitsuto Suzuki guidance really add a more lighter, sometimes darker tone to the soundtrack. The vocals songs are relaxing and shine best when the string solos come in. The techno tracks however not always a perfect fit in the Final Fantasy universe, makes sense in the futuristic world of Final Fantasy XIII-2. It captures the world, the people and the scenes fairly well.

Final Grade C+/7.5 - Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST has some outstanding tracks, but for the most part it's forgettable and sometimes boring. This is a decent departure from the style of music we're use too in Final Fantasy games, however sometimes going to left field can hurt. It's not bad, but it's not epic either. It's just okay.