We're always yapping about clothes and fashion and blah blah blah girly stuff! Not that this week is annnnyyyyy different. But we've seemingly forgot that any girl who IS a girly girl, will not leave the house without putting her "face" on.

Now, I'll be the first to say that I am a girly girl at heart. However on a daily, despite the ruffles, bows, and excessive amounts of pink, I am truly a tomboy. So! When I put my face on, I look for make-up that accents the important facial features ... Eyes, cheeks, lips. that's it! That's all I got! I want to spend less than 15 minutes in the mirror, still look the same when I'm done, but a bit enhanced and somewhat on the colorful side (occasionally).

With all of that being said, my FAVORITE make-up obsessions are eyeshadows and eyelashes. usually a M.A.C girl, I have finally found another that makes my heart stop and my mouth water. with some of the BRIGHTEST colors I've seen by far. That would be the goodness of SugarPill! Now, M.A.C has the everyday and not so everyday make-up items from beginning to end. But what I love, love, LOVE about SugarPill is that they're "eye" specific, specializing in luxury eyeshadows and a few pair of lashes to die for! They offer bold colors in a great formula that last forever in a day! Ladies ... do you KNOW how hard that is to find?! ... 
I won't say too much more, but here are some pics I've been able to grab of Sugarpill at work, via Facebook! And while I was not able to catch up to Amy, just yet for an interview, here's what she's shared with the public via Cinnamon Kitten

Be sure to check out SugarPill's Make-Up Tutorials. Follow them on Twitter & Like 'em on Facebook! You'll never lose with these goods ... for sure!

~je t'adore! <3 IKB