SteamPunk Lolita Ultimate Looks #1

Below is an outline of the basic anatomy of any Lolita outfit. I'll be sure to repost it for the coming looks. However, I would encourage you to be sure to check out Lolita Fashion, for a more detailed explanation of its parts.

Now!!!!! Shopping. For Look #1 I've visited Fan Plus Friend and Clockwork Couture. I have found that most relate a steampunk look to muted colors, like brown and orange. But as the rules state in last week's post, it has NO color. So why not a cutesy bright Steampunk Lolita?!

SteamPunk dress by manufactured by Fan Plus Friend

Since the dress isn't very printed and overly exaggerated with details, as some Lolita outfits would be, I think some prints and straps would be what makes the dress sing. It also comes with a hairpiece, but I've decided that you should have options. And if you're feeling extra cutesy, why not make them both work together, right. ;-D

If you'd like to see the actual product, feel free to click on any of the pics to take you there.

Tomorrow, Steampunk Lolita Look #2 

until then!
~je t'adore! <3 IKB