Gone SteamPunk Shopping ... Join Me?!

And a VERY Happy Sunday!!! 
Let's get busy ... At the moment, I'm still shopping, but I have a more intimate surprise for later days (Monday! @ 1pm) 

Since I can't physically put together my steampunk Lolita look (I'm broke y'all! LOL)  I've decided to take the anatomy of a Lolita outfit and piece together two ultimate looks that I would lust for on any given Sunday. I'll be visiting Fan Plus Friend, Clockwork Couture, Wicked Clothes, and Shrine Store

Be sure to check them out ... maybe make your own steampunk Lolita look and we can share!
So! Monday, 1PM ... Ultimate looks ... BE THERE!

Until then 
~je t'adore!
<3 IKB