RUNE Boutique World Debut

"Transmitting the tradition of kawaii from Japan to the rest of the world"

You don't have to be into fashion hard for this one! You just need to know the word "kawaii" and while it is Japanese for "cute", saying anything other than kawaii just doesn't hold the sale weight. All lolitas, otakus, fashionistas & such have the one and only Rune Naito to thank for that!

Since Naito's passing in 2007, the kawaii surge has been on a rise, though that's an understatement. As a lolita, I was extremely happy to see that the home to the Rune Naito Boutique launch was in Los Angeles. However, just like trying to get to Japan for such marvelous events & gatherings, I was not able to make it to LA ... Mostly due to timing and being on tour in Atlanta, and paryly due to $$$ ... BUT ...

I made a call & after a bit of begging and pleading (not really, but I did ask nicely and bat my eyelashes LOL), my good friend, artist collegue, and collective member - Kelly Crown (@crowniemarie) - agreed tongo in my stead. While I forgot to ask her if she attelpted to dress the part for the occassion, she did report that I'd have experienced a bit of sugar overload & lost myself in the expereince. Simply put, it was KAWAII (duuuhhhhh!)

Here is some of the best that K. Crown had to offer for experiencing such a history making event.
If you're in the LA Area, be sure to visit the Rune Boutique before it closes, January 9, 2012.
8910 Washington BlvdCulver City, CA 90232

I PROMISE it wouldn't be a wasted effort ... Eveyone's a bit kawaii at heart ;-) ~je t'adore

** this post DOES have a Part 2. Stay Tuned for another hot date tomorrow, 12/13, at 1pm for a follow-up to 'This Week in ... Fashion, <3 IKB'