Robotech Panel: New York Comic Con 2011

On Saturday I went to the Robotech Panel at New York Comic Con 2011. It was a great two hours with the people from Harmony Gold. The panel started off with a Q & A session. Here are some questions that was answered at the panel.

Will Robotech have a live action movie?

Harmony Gold: Yes, Warner Bros have the license, but we want to put out a good story worthy of the Robotech franchise.

Will there be another Robotech game, we haven't had one since Battlecry?

Harmony Gold: Warner Bros has the license for the game, we'll try to get another game someday.

Will the new Robotech animated film have the descendants of Rick Hunter and Max Sterling?

Harmony Gold: *Laughs* maybe.

That was just some of the question's asked. Prizes was given away and then we got a few clips from the Robotech Documentary. The Robotech Documentary main focus is on Carl Macek and how much he influence, and responsible for Robotech in the USA. The voice actors from the show, talk about their interactions with Carl, and how passionate he was about Robotech. The clip shown was very moving, and it really made you want to see more. It was great to see all the voice actors talk about their experiences filming for the show. Once the clips were done, we got a decent teaser of the new Robotech: Animated Movie. The animation is similar to that of Shadow Chronicles, and is taking place in the same universe. The trailer only show shots of a battle, an explosion and a pilot who we can't really guess who it is. The new movie should be finish next year, and the title will be revealed by the end of the year. Overall it was a good panel and showed a lot of what Robotech Anniversary Boxset will offer, like the untold story movie, and bunch of other stuff.