Life Of Innocence (Anime Poem)

Hey Otakus here is the poem I wrote and gave to Todd Haberkorn at New York Comic Con. He enjoyed it and hope you will too. Anime Rules!!!!

Life of Innocence
By: Ashley Williams

Darkness has been looming over me,
Ever since I tried to get you back.
Since then you cursed me,
And I’ve learned to keep living on without you.
I regret turning you into a monster,
But I don’t regret this eye,
That you gave as a curse,
For it was a blessing in disguise.
I can see things now that can help others,
I have found a family to love and to hold.
So I thank you for helping me,
Find this power locked inside of me.
The life of innocence is not easy,
Nor is it full of safe walls.
However I have friends to help.
Get me through the worst of them all.
Thank you for everything you’ve done,
Thanks for being my dad,
And being with me till the very end.
Love you Mana,
Allen Walker

Copyright © 2011 Ashley Williams