Interview With The Team Behind 100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3

Hey people this is Jeff here and I present to you my first interview with the crew of "Get Me Off the Moon" AKA 100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. This interview I spoke with Dashe Troxon (DT), Jake Hans(JH), Canticleer Blues(CB), Armand Rodriguez(AR), Jes Diamant(JD), and Jared C(JC) to understand why they are fighting so hard to bring the blue bomber back from the unknown, and I don't mean the moon.

Before we get into the interview, I wanted to give a little history per-say of the chain of events that lead to the group forming. It all started with Capcom teasing the release of a new Mega Man Legends on the Nintendo 3DS, after ten years with nothing but cameo appearances (Tron Bonne in Marvel VS Capcom 2 and 3 and Mega Man Volnutt in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii) and one spin off game(The Misadventures of Tron Bonne) and then creating the Capcom devroom. The Devroom was created to allow people that signed up to Capcoms Forums, Capcom Unity(Click HERE it if you wish to check out their forums). What happens next is that Keiji Inafune(the grandfather of Mega Man) leaves Capcom(read about it HERE link is from Joystiq, that story in itself will take a lot of time to cover and even explain). When he left, people in the devroom were reassured that nothing was going to stop Mega Man Legends 3 from disappearing with him.

Then there was going to be a release of a Mega Man Legends 3 Demo/prequel game staring a brand new character "Barrett" and it was going to be called Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype version and was going to be a paid download similar to Dead Rising 2: case Zero. It was going to be a paid demo to test out how eager people were for a new Mega Man Legends game and meant to be released at the same time as Nintendo Eshop went online, However it didn't reach that dead-line and then never came out because it was later cancelled. When that happened out of the blue the group came alive and has been fighting for robot ever since. What was the major reason/final straw that created GetMeOffTheMoon/100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3?

JH: What started the Legends fan movement know as GetMeOffTheMoon was Capcom’s year-long teasing of the return of a childhood hero to many, then the abrupt cancellation that brought up more questions then answers. Why did Capcom let the creator, Keiji Inafune, finish the game at Comcept/Intercept if there was even a chance that the game would be cancelled at Capcom? Why was the Prototype, which was completed and promised to be released as a gauge of the completed product's sales potential also cancelled? In a recently released interview, respected gaming journalist Chris Hoffman claimed that not only was the prototype good, it felt like a labor of love.

What Cacom failed to realize was that the Mega Man Legends fanbase is comprised mostly of college students and working professionals. We never cared about developing the game in their Devroom on Capcom Unity. We just wanted to see a childhood story that we held close to our hearts for 10 years completed.

DT: As for me, I've been running the community at the Mega Man Legends Station for a bit over five years now. I'm not looking for a conclusive ending so much as grounds for a new beginning--a new chance for kids around the same age we were when we got into the series to get the opportunity to experience the game--a game so great it kept us waiting over half our lives for another installment! I really think it was ahead of its time, and that there are a ton of younger kids out there who'd really get into Legends if they only had the chance to play it.

JH: Our hero is stuck on the moon. This movement has never really been about a video game. It is a statement that our childhood memories matter. We’ll save our hero at any cost, and the decision makers in Capcom Japan should realize this now after our efforts at NYCC. If they don’t have the stones to finish a game they already completed a prototype for, they should let Keiji Inafune finish the game.

JC: There was NO way they could get rid of Legends 3, not after making us wait 10 years, putting so much time, effort, money, and raising the hopes and expectations of the fans, including getting them completely involved. The game was pretty much promised to us, and then was unceremoniously taken away with little to no valid reason, coupled with lies and excuses and broken promises. We were told the sales of the Prototype Version would ultimately determine the fate of the game. We weren't even given the Prototype to sate our longing for a Mega Man game.

Given Inafune's speaking out regarding the state of the Japanese game market, and publicly stating Capcom is also not immune to this stale form of business (perhaps wrong to do, even if it's true), it honestly seems as though Capcom cancelled a much anticipated game out of spite. This is a plight everyone can see, and everyone can relate to. It's a story of promises and dreams, and having them wrongfully taken away. It's only natural a movement like GetMeOffTheMoon would spring up seemingly overnight and with such thunderous fervor. How would (each of) you personally feel if someone else from Capcom took the initiative to make and finish Legends 3 without Keiji Inafune?

CB: If we're talking about the same group from Capcom who made the Prototype Version after Inafune's departure, then I'd be okay with it, seeing as many of them had worked on Legends in the past and were hand-picked by Inafune to work on Mega Man Legends 3 after he left. From what we've heard, this consisted of a large amount of internal developers (as those who worked on the Legends games went on to work on Lost Planet and Monster Hunter), so even if Mega Man Legends 3 were handed to a slightly different team, there'd still probably be overlap from the initial group.

DT: As long as the story stuck with the original intended vision for the game, and the team Capcom picked had the same kind of genuine love for the series as the teams that did work on it and worked to respect and honor their vision, I'd be okay with it. Even if they outsourced to a company like CyberConnect2, who'd expressed interest in tackling Legends 3 themselves, I'd be okay with it.

JD: I, personally, would be alright if Keiji was not involved in finishing Mega Man Legends 3. I just would like to see the original team that he had put together to make this installment of the series. If it were made by some different people but with the same foundation from the Devroom I'm sure I'd be alright with that as well.

AR: Considering that the game was already moving forward in production after Inafune’s departure, I would feel confident having that team finish the project. What better team members to bring out the best in a Mega Man Legends game than those hand-picked by Keiji Inafune himself! (Besides, of course, Keiji Inafune!)

JC: I have never doubted Inafune's judgment. As seen with smash hits like Dead Rising and Lost Planet, Inafune's judgment has so far yielded wonderful results, as much as Capcom may seem to not want to admit it. Why they are picking on Mega Man seems to be a more personal issue than they want to admit, but I have no "proof" to back that up. Both of those games were hotly debated as being useless and bad games by Capcom, but Inafune powered on through, perhaps against the wishes of Capcom, but lo and behold, the end result was a set of games Capcom is to this day still milking for all they are worth despite their nay saying. If he was right about those games being successful, why should I doubt that a game built by a team he has assembled would not be as good? Speaking of Keiji Inafune, he recently made a comment on his personal blog about this group's struggle, and I was wondering...have you or anyone talked with him directly, or has it all been indirect? What would the group say to him about all this that has happened?

DT: Everything's been indirect as far as I know. From what I recall, he found the Japanese GetMeOffTheMoon blog over the weekend. I'd certainly like to have the opportunity to correspond with him and tell him how big of an impression his work's made on me.

JD: I personally would probably thank him for creating something so heartwarming and wonderful. I would also want to tell him that the times are not what limits a good game. It's the thought and heart behind it that make it thrive. I'd also want to congratulate him on finally having his own company as well as starting work on his 3DS title.

AR: Inafune's influence on the gaming industry will remain forever, and I woud love to thank him for giving us such fond memories. I would also like to thank him for being such a vocal member of the industry, especially amongst most Eastern developers who choose to keep to themselves. Wherever his decisions take him and his work, I will be supportive of them 100%!

JH: I'd tell Inafune that we appreciate his support and that he is very popular in the States. If he were to work on any project in support of GetMeOffTheMoon, it could easily push our movement to new heights.

JC: I met Keiji Infaune at the New York Comic Con 2010. I told him I had been waiting years to tell him just one thing. And that was "Thank you." I thanked him for HIS work, and knowing that I can look back and say I had a memorable, and happy childhood, and his games have helped shape me into the good person I am today. I have not spoken to him since then, but if I were to speak to him again, my words would undoubtably be the same. Inafune has always been a genuinely good man. He cares for his fans. I myself am studying to become a game developer, and I can find no better role model than him. Outspoken perhaps at times, but his words ring true. I am overjoyed that he has put his support behind us. I am proud to be considered one of his "juniors," and I know now that with him behind us, we are not just 100,000 Strong, we're 100,000 and 1 stronger. We spoke a little about our general love of Mega Man and the series as a whole, and you said how you'd wished for there to at least be an ending for Mega Man Legends and for Mega Man ZX. What shocked me a little was how you knew about ZX as well. I didn't even think about that one. It got me wondering...what was the first game that got you into the Mega Man franchise?

AR: My first Mega Man game was Mega Man 2, and it remains my favorite title in the series to date. It was my first experience with a truly difficult game, but nailing those perfect jumps and collecting all the different weapons became really addicting. It also has one of my favorite video game songs of all time, which is the Metal Man stage theme.

JD: The first MegaMan game the got me into the series were both Mega Man 2 and Mega Man Legends. I Recently got into the fandom and at the time, Jared here actually suggested I play 1-3. I also played Legends. I played through 2 first only because I loved the music so much. Then I was playing Legends 1 around the same time. It was great! Legends is possibly the only game I've recently played that I can legitimately say has made me feel like I was six years old again. No other games make me feel that anymore.

CB: My first Mega Man game was actually Mega Man Legends, though I later acquired Mega Man 8 and Mega Man Anniversary Collection around the same time. Interestingly, it was Mega Man Legends that got me to look up Mega Man on the internet (before then I'd only heard of the game Mega Man and Bass in a gaming magazine), and I ended up getting into both the Classic and Legends series at the same time. In fact, the internet ended up being a large part of why I got into the games; seeing how the many fans before me had taken the characters and made them their own through art or stories or other mediums really left the impression that this was a video game series that not only the creators but also the fans actually cared about, and that made it special on a different level than I'd encountered up 'til that point. I played later series and even enjoyed them, but they never struck me quite as much as those two did.

DT: Mine was Mega Man Legends. I'd run into the Ruby-Spears cartoon earlier on in my life, but I didn't like it very much. It just wasn't my style. I fell in love with Legends though, and was actually pretty disappointed when I found out that there really weren't many other games that ever lived up to the kind of heart and charm it had, including the other Mega Man brands. Then again, I'm not much of a gamer. I'm really more into musicals. Legends appealed to me anyway. I think it just has that effect on people. It remains to date the only game I really like enough to want to come back for more, so even though it wasn't Capcom's intent, the cancellation felt like a personal blow to me.

JC: I would have to say that would be MegaMan X1. Actually, to be more accurate, it would be the Ruby Spears MegaMan cartoon I used to catch at 6am before school. I loved video games, and loved super heroes. Batman was awesome, but too dark. Mario was a video game, but too childish. Sonic had more attitude, but he didnt have the morals I was subconsciously looking for. But then one day the words "PLASMA POWER" rang out from my TV screen, and I met my favorite super hero ever. I wanted to be a hero. Someone who fought for good, without being a cookie cutter boyscout like Superman. MegaMan just got it right for me. Shortly after my mom saw a game and recognized the words "MegaMan" and knew I liked that cartoon show. She didnt know what the difference between "Classic" and "X series" was, so sure enough, my first MegaMan game was X1. Finally, I got to play my own favorite super hero, and got the true feeling I was saving the day. If the heads of Capcom (US, EUR, and JP) wanted to meet and talk to the group, what would you all say to them? How would you talk to them about all that has happened?

DT: I'd be sure to dress up slick and sharp, and make sure the entire team presents themselves as professionally as possible. Since we've already spoken with CoA in person, so what I'd really want to do is confront CoJ, assuming there were a reliable translator on-hand. I'd want them to know that by not releasing Legends 3, they have lost a lot of face with people who have been buying and faithfully following their products for years. There's a lot of money to be made off of the Mega Man Legends series if they'd take the time to put some effort into advertising it well to younger gamers. I truly believe this title was ahead of its time. Even though it seems like a financial risk to release Legends games now, they cannot afford this blow to their reputation. The only way they can make amends to this fanbase is by showing the Mega Man Legends series some serious love, because it deserves to have a chance to shine. If they do this, we will do everything in our power to help ensure that it is a financial success.

JD: Well, since we actually met with Seth Killian from COA at NYCC, I feel that we've already reached out to them and made our requests. All I would really want from them is to keep supporting us and be the loudspeakers for our voices. We want to be heard by Capcom Japan since they're the head honchos. Now if we got into contact with COJ I'd be enthralled. What I would personally say to Capcom Japan is to think of their fanbase. Maybe you won't make the MOST money but think of all the money you just threw away by cancelling that game. It's hard to understand why you'd put all the effort into getting 30% done on a project and then throw it away.

JC: Inafune was on to something when he first named his games "Mega Man Universe" and "Mega Man Legends 3 Project" and not "Rockman Universe" or "Rockman DASH 3 Project." Western audiences still love and adore Mega Man. There are a LOT of us out there, and they are shooting themselves in the foot by turning a deaf ear to our eager voices. It seems like Capcom just doesn't care about him anymore unless he does well in his homeland. Ultimately, that will cripple them in the industry if they do not listen to their fans. More than just cancelling Legends 3, Capcom has been beating up the MegaMan franchise very badly, and making a lot of their fans mad in favor of their Resident Evil Fans, Street Fighter Fans, etc. What they fail to realize is that many of those fans are ALSO Mega Man Fans! The fans are demanding Mega Man Legends 3. They don't care how many Street Fighter spinoffs or Resident Evils you make. If Capcom does not supply what the fans demand, they will simply dig themselves into a grave they cannot get out of.

AR: Times have changed since Legends 1 and 2 were released. Localization and marketing issues that were present 11 years ago will not be a problem now. Clearly, you have seen that there is a dedicated fan base that would love to see the revival of this project! Release the Prototype on the 3DS eShop, and use it to gauge customer interest and receive player feedback, as was the original plan. Or release MML 1 and 2 and introduce these games to a new audience. What’s the point of paying homage to the series in your other games if players can’t experience their origins? Make it happen; your fans will appreciate this second chance at success and you will not be disappointed by the results.

CB: I would mainly try to convey the experiences I've had with fans and talk about their reactions to the news, how they've felt about the whole situation, from when the game was announced to when it was cancelled. I'd also probably bring up the massive amounts of interest the game is getting not only from the fans, but also from gaming publications--many of whom were eagerly following the progression of this game's development--and among game developers themselves; not only was the team making it passionate about Mega Man Legends 3, at least two other companies have now offered to work with Capcom and make the game for them. Clearly there is an interest in this game that far surpasses that of an average cancelled game. Bonus Question (Responses to the live action Mega Man movie)

JC: Actually, my friend Pali and I were at NYCC 2010 and had just met Inafune himself. Shortly after, two gentlemen approached us and asked if Inafune was still doing signings. We regrettably told them he had just left for the day, which he did (but later returned and signed a bunch of posters and handed them out! What a guy!) My friend noticed they had the live action MegaMan movie on DVD. The convo that ensued went like this:

"Where did you get that?"
"Oh, they're handing them out at (insert NYCC booth here.)"
"Sweet! Where can we get one? Do they have any more?"
"Yeah! Right here!"
"Wow! Awesome!"
"Have you seen it yet?"
"Actually, some friends and I all watched it on Skype together and recorded our own commentary, kinda like Mystery Science Theatre 3000. We haven't finished it yet though, we're about half way through. Have you guys seen it yet?"
"Yes. I'm the director."

Honestly, we DO think it's a good movie!! If the crew who made it is reading this out there, I hope you're not still mad at us!! We love your stuff!!

Be sure to check out their links below to talk to them and join the cause, I don't know if it is a losing battle myself but I will say this, These guys are true fans. I thought I was one of the few out there that remember fondly of Mega Man Legends and how much of a departure it was from the norm and it worked. There were a few issues, sure that happens with the first game of any new idea/I.P. nothing is going to be prefect but Legends had and has promise. I am making this personal but I am rooting for you guys, hell I want to play Mega Man Legends 3... BAD.

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