Cosplay, CosPlaY, COSPLAY!

Raise your hands if you love cosplay!!!!! While there's good and bad cosplay, beginners & elitests, and ideas that should probably remain as such ... Cosplay is just downright entertaining.

We got a chance to catch one of the daily Cosplay contests that took place on the Kids Habsbro Stage. The contests were short, but I PROMISE at the end of the 15 minutes, they had a winner! And truthfully, with Uncle Yo being our gracious emcee, it was that much more entertaing.

Let's CosPlay ... shall we?

... And the winner is ... 
Idris, Dr. Who's wife ... and boy did she embody EVERYTHING about the character. 
I think she may have set my personal bar for future cosplay. ;-)

*Q: What type of dress does Idris wear in The Doctor's Wife & why; who wrote this episode; what number doctor?*