The Works of Silo

Oh Silo!

This artist's work was sent to me by a twitter buddy for my eyecandy enjoyment. However, his works were soooooo awesomely upchucked organize mess of cool anime characters & typography that I couldn't resist sharing.

The upside-even if you aren't an art geek, you'll definitely enjoy the feel of his work.

The downside-I haven't found much about him as an artist, however his work speaks for itself, so I guess enough said.

To keep in that tradition though, I shared with you the works of Silo. Be sure to scroll down after all the kawaii goodness, though, for more links where I've found Silo's art lurking.


SILO on Looks Like Good Design

SILO on Deviant Art

SILO on Facebook

Until Next Time!
~je t'adore!