The Pop Art Goodness of Sean D'anconia

As an artist with LOTS going on, and no real intentions of stopping, I can appreciate another artist who "does it all".

In last week's post, I mentioned that we'd look more into some of the artists whose Hello Kitty goodness was shared last week. As promised!, The work of Sean D'anconia is something SCHWWWEEEETTTT! I mean, this guy has REALLY laid out the artistic red carpet and has definitely done it for the world to see. I won't go into much, but I am definitely sharing some of my fav art works. hopefully, it'll be enough for you to want to run to his site and witness for yourselves! Peep his bio. His work is NUTZ!




 Be sure to check out more on his POP ART, PROJECTS, & BRANDS ... it's so yummy! I PROMISE!
~je t'adore!