An Art Hold-UP with ASYLM

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or FB (ArtisticSole), you'd know that I took an awesome trip to San Francisco to help promote . Within that trip was a mini-trip to LA! At some point of trying to find Sean D'anconia's art goodness in LA's Little Tokyo & a few complaints of needing to find a bathroom AND another beer, we pranced ourselves into a cool jazz club. The time spent there was great ... until we stepped back out on the streets of Little Tokyo to find these amazing pieces right under our noses!

The works are of an artist, Asylm. And similar to my findings with Silo, I can't find too much info on him. At any rate, here are some of his works in Little Tokyo with people holding it up for art ... fingers crossed & all!
Be sure to visit his site and check out his FINE ART & PUBLIC WORKS. It's simply amazing!

My gracious hostess, tour guide, & homegirl Kelly Crown throwing it up for art & for ASLYM's art!

~je t'adore!