The Ten Saddest Moments In Dragonball Z

A while ago I did a list of the top ten deadliest Dragonball Z villains. This time we will take a look at the top ten saddest moments in Dragonball Z. Get those tissues ready, because these are tear jerkers if you love these characters.

#10: Krillin's Tears
Why This Moment? Poor Krillin he broke up with Maron. Nothing is more sadder than tears hiding behind laughter. A very sad moment in DBZ, the music really adds to the emotion. Gohan is the only one who knows Krillin is crying. This is really the first time DBZ focus on the effect of a relationship, heartbreak and dating. Great scene.

#9: The Return Of Goku
Why This Moment? Goku returns from The Other World to spend time with his family and friends. Why is this a sad moment? Simply because he missed Gohan growing up, and Goten early days. Once again Bruce Faulconer does a great job with the score.

#8: The Death Of Future Gohan
Why This Moment? This is a very emotional scene and a great study on Trunks. The only thing that Trunks had left to not feeling alone dies. Now he is alone, no one left but him, that realization and setting makes this a very intense moment in DBZ.

#7: Goodbye Mr. Piccolo
Why This Moment? This is very sad because Piccolo gives up everything to save the one person he considered a friend. It's a tear jerker because we get to see Piccolo slowly transforming into the good guy.

#6: Chiatzu Dies For Nothing
Why This Moment? Chiatzu death is a honorable one, he fought with bravery and gave his life for his friends. His speech will make me you feel sad, however the saddest part is his attack was in vain and a total waste.

#5: Krillin!
Why This Moment? This moment was shocker, nobody saw this coming. When I first saw this I was in shock that they killed Krillin off. This is painful to watch especially when Goku pleads to Frieza, and Krillin's last words are help me.

#4: Vegeta's Revealing
Why This Moment? This is probably one of the most important moments in the DBZ universe. Vegeta reveals the truth about the Saiyan race, his past, his father and the fact that he cries as he approaches death really gets to you. Frieza evil comments makes it that much more emotional. FYI the original dub is way better than the remastered one. Chris Sabat performance was more emotional. I have no idea why they changed it.

#3: A Hero's Farewell
Why This Moment? Nothing is more heartbreaking than to say goodbye to your son and heading towards your death. This is something Goku did and this moment is still in the mind of DBZ fans everywhere.

#2: Until We Meet Again
Why This Moment? Nothing usually packs more emotion than saying goodbye to the characters you love. The last episode of Dragonball GT was bittersweet. Goku says goodbye to all his friends, Piccolo is still in hell and Vegeta is now the strongest. The Japanese version really hits home with the background music and the final song by Field Of View. The clips from Dragonball, Dragonball Z to GT really makes you feel proud to have taken the journey.

#1: Final Atonement
Why Is This #1? No moment in DBZ had you this intense. Whether you loved or hated Vegeta this moment will make you say wow. The sad moment is not when he kills himself, it's when Piccolo tells him the truth of his actions. The fact that he will not get the same reward as Goku, the fact that he has to leave Trunks behind. This is the saddest moment in DBZ. The music just sets that mood of this the end for somebody and it was a great way for Vegeta to go out.