Green Lantern Reaction From A Comic Book Geek

Before I give my reaction I want to give those who aren’t familiar with the Green Lantern a quick bio of Hal Jordan, Hector Hammond, and Parallax.

Hal Jordan:Harold "Hal" Jordan was born into a military family. His father, Martin Jordan flew in the war and, during Hal's childhood, was occupied as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. Hal had an especially close bond with his father, both of them sharing a love of flying (Hal often skipping school to watch his father fly). Martin was killed during a test-flight gone awry, with both Hal and Carol Ferris watching. As a result, his Mother forbade him from frequenting airfields or having anything whatsoever to do with the world of aviation, which had taken her husband. In accordance with this ultimatum, Hal promised not to join the Air Force. At the age of 18, however, Hal ran away and joined, quickly becoming on the AF's top pilots. Hal served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War.

Much later, while testing a flight simulator, an energy field surrounded him and took him to Abin Sur. The simulator landed Hal out in the desert, near a crashed alien ship. The ship was piloted by Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corp, an intergalactic peace keeping force, who patrolled sector 2814. On the verge of death, Abin Sur, with his power ring, sought out the most worthy successor on Earth. Despite some character flaws, Hal Jordan was given the power ring and it’s power battery.

(Story Line used for the Movie, See Wikapedia for original)

Hector Hammond: He appears in the 2008 Green Lantern: Secret Origins (a re-telling of Hal Jordan's first days as a Green Lantern), where he claims to be Carol Ferris’ Boyfriend. Boyfriend. However in the next issue it is revealed that he is just a private consultant for Ferris Aircraft and that they had gone out to dinner, according to Carol, "on business” While inspecting Abin Sur’s crashed air craft, Hammond is affected by the meteorite fragment in its reactor. This leads to his brain growing bigger, and able to read minds, including Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan who Hammond deduces is the Green Lantern. His mental powers keep Hal from using his ring, and is only stopped when Sinestro encases his head in an energy bubble, cutting off his air supply it is revealed that Hammond wants the power of a god in order to gain revenge on Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

Parallax: Parallax was devised as the new super villain identity for former Green Lantern protagonist Hal Jordan. After further changes for the Hal Jordan character over the subsequent years (sacrificing his life in order to reignite Earth’s Sun in the 1996 crossover storyline "The Final Night”, and Jordan’s soul subsequently becoming the newest host of the Spectre in the 1999 miniseries Day of Judgment), 2004's Green Lantern Rebirth once again cast Jordan as a heroic Green Lantern and explained Jordan's villainous career as the result of the influence of an alien parasite. Furthermore, with Parallax’s exposure, the Green Lantern Corps vulnerability to the color yellow can be conquered if a given Lantern, particularly a well-trained one, can muster his or her willpower to overcome their fear.

Ok Ladies and gentlemen I want you guys to remember this is just my opinion, (sigh)
The movie isn’t that bad, But not good at the same time. NO!!! It didn’t live up to all the hype we were promised, but it didn’t completely let me down.

Let’s start with the good: The effects of the Constructs (the objects you create from your mind with the rings) were done well; I just wish there were more of them. Most of the scenes The CGI was pretty good. My question is this. Is it really hard to make Parallax look like the one in the picture above? With all this new technology it shouldn't be that hard, to make Parallax look accurate. The story was okay, a lot of origins will make some comic fans cringe, especially a certain villain. I thought Ryan Reynolds did a decent job. Sinestro was the best.

Now the Bad: NOT ENOUGH ACTION!!!! Without spoiling the movie for those who will see it, you get a quick taste of action during his training and the final battle. Although I said the CGI was pretty good, in some parts it was over done. Sinestro should have had a bigger role in movie than what they gave us. He was Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps greatest warrior and enemy. He was treated like a back-up singer.

I’m a fan of the Green Lantern Comic, so for me the movie could have been done much better and stayed closer the comic book origins. For those who don’t follow the comic you might enjoy it more, but not by much.

I’m giving this movie 2 ½ stars and feel it kept me interested enough not to say this is worst than Ang Lee’s version of the HULK. And we can all agree we should have gotten our money and time back from that disaster.