X-Japan's Yoshiki Hayashi Launches Sirius XM Radio Show

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending X-Japan's very own Yoshiki Hayashi. Yoshiki is launching and host his very first radio show. It's entitled "Yoshiki Radio." The radio show will be on Sirius XM "The Boneyard" Channel 38. On the radio show Yoshiki will play some of his favorite artist, bands from Japan and talk about gaming and Anime. Check out some of the pics of the event. Make sure to tune in on Friday, May 27 at 8:00PM ET for the first show.

The Sign

Justin (Me) & Yoshiki (Not my best pose or pic) Still it was amazing.

Yoshiki Chatting With Fans & The Press

The Bar

Just Footage Of Yoshiki Talking To The Press. (I couldn't get for some reason lol)