Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Review

Lego's is back with another fun installment of another movie franchise. This time Lego takes to seven seas with Pirates Of The Caribbean. Does this adventure capture the spirit of Pirates Of The Caribbean? Or does these blocks need to be rebuilt?

Story - The stories follow the key events from all three movies and the upcoming sequel. In "The Curse Of The Black Pearl" William Turner and Jack Sparrow must rescue Elizabeth Swan and get back Jack's beloved ship. In "Dead Man's Chest" Jack Sparrow must find a way to settle his debt with Davy Jones. In "At World's End" Will Turner and the crew must rescue Jack Sparrow from the locker and put an end to Davy Jones. Finally in the upcoming sequel "On Stranger Tides" Jack Sparrow is on the hunt for the fountain of youth. The key elements are told very well, with cute comedy that players are use to seeing. I suggest you don't play "On Stranger Tides" since it does spoil things a little.

Gameplay - Each movie is divided into five levels, in total the game has 20 levels. Veterans of the Lego games will feel right at home. You can choose up to six characters to play with, depending on the level or storyline. Each character has a specific skill, that you will need in order to complete the level or find treasure. For example Jack Sparrow can use his compass to find items. Will Turner can throw his ax. Women can double jump and so forth. The gameplay is simple. You figure out easy puzzles and hack an slash your way through the levels. Each movie has different puzzles and enemies. The game does well of recapturing key scenes from all the movies. Highlight of the game will be Dead Man's Chest and the final battle with Davy Jones At World's End. Unfortunately the game does suffer some issues. For one you'll need to remember which skill each character has. This might be tough because there are a lot of characters and some people you will only use once. The camera can also be an issue as well. There were times I couldn't even see myself fighting, because I was boxed into a corner. The game is at best with a friend. The A.I. is really stupid when it comes to puzzles. It will take the A.I. a while to realize that it's needed for a puzzle. The controls are not to friendly either. It's very difficult for certain characters to pick up objects. Will Turner will throw his ax, instead of picking up the object you want him too. This can get very frustrating at times. Other than those minor complaints, the game is enjoyable and fans of the Lego series will fill right at home.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are pretty decent. Some of the characters don't look close to their human counterparts. However the environments are pure Lego fashion. Some areas look bland, but the graphics stay true to the Lego universe. Some might experience lagging issues when multiple characters and enemies are on the screen.

Sound - Hans Zimmer music works well with the game. All the right themes are in the game such as, "The Medallion Calls," "He's A Pirate" and many more bring authenticity to the game. There is no voice work, but Jack's scream and mumbles are included. The music, effects work well and will bring you into the world much better.

Replay Value - The game has tons of things to unlock and characters to find. If you have a friend along it makes the game that much more enjoyable.

Final Grade C+/7.5 - Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean is a fun. However you can't help but to think the Lego series is getting stale. The graphics hold up and the music is fantastic. The gameplay is basic and could've use some tweaking. If you're a die hard pirate fan, give this game a try.