Supernatural Bloppers & Parodies

I am now becoming a fangirl of the popular show "Supernatural". Even though I only watched snipits of seasons and not from the beginning, the recaps really help. I love Sam and Dean and Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are awesome actors. So to commorate Friday the 13th, I'll show you some bloopers and footage of my fav scenes. I hope no "bad luck" gets in your way today. Supernatural Rules!!!!!!!!!! P.S Some vids you have to click on the link below. Note: None of these videos are mine and the bloopers and episodes are copyrighted by Supernatural. (Also some spoilers)

Supernatural Teddy Bear/a>

Sam is hungry for demon blood/a>

A Couple of parodies vids for good measure

Explains everything in a catchy tune... ^_^