Cool Geeky Sneakers

I've been browsing the net looking for new geeky gear. I realized that I don't own any geeky sneakers. I wanted to show you guys some real cool geeky sneakers I've found. If you're a fan of Nike, you're about to be in heaven.

Green Lantern

I'm actually considering buying this before Lantern movie is release on June 17. I love the look of the sneaker. I would love to see people's reaction when I wear this at cons.

Green Lantern 2

Brightest Day, Blackest Night. I love this Green Lantern sneaker, it has all the colors of the Green Lantern's. Plus the logo is there too.

Nintendo Wii

I like the look of the Wii sneakers. I love how the Wii circle is on the top of the sneaker, plus I love Air Maxes.

XBOX 360

This has to be one of the best videogame adaption sneakers I've seen. I said this because this sneaker has the blasted controller on the bottom. That is awesome.


Represent your love for the original XBOX with these sneakers. Personally I don't these sneakers, but somebody will.


Gotta catch them all. I really love these sneakers. I'm not a fan of yellow, but these I would put on my feet. I love the Pikachu picture as well.


This Bioshock Nike Sneakers look great for any fan of Big Daddy and the Little Sister.


I really like these Megaman sneakers, however I feel the addition of Megaman takes a little away from the sneaker. It's still looks good though.

Kick Ass

These are some really Kick Ass sneakers literally. I love how these sneakers have the blood splatter all over the sneaker.

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda sneakers look good. I just wish they had a little bit of yellow or gold for the Triforce. Other than that this is one cool sneaker.


Twitter sneakers looks really cool. I'am a fan of baby blue and I love how it even has the Twitter logo there.

Sonic The Hedgehog

He's the fastest thing alive. You can be if you put these babies on. I love Sonic Colors.