Yoo Ninja (App Review)

Yoo Ninja is app game developed by Runner Games. It's available for free on your Android market. Is this Ninja game worth the download? Or should you Yoo something else?

Story - There is a story mode, however the story is not told at all. There are no cutscenes to explain the story. You just dive right into the game.

Gameplay - The gameplay is simple. Ninja runs towards his destination. It's up to player to make sure he gets there safely. Ninja must jump from course to course without falling out of the screen. The controls is easy just tap the screen to make Ninja go up or down. The story mode consists of sections. It contains the Jungle, Village, Marine and Castle. As you progress the course gets harder and much faster. It does a great job keeping the challenge and you will be hook once you meet the Marine level. The game also features a mode called "Endless." In this mode you choose a level, the speed and go through an endless course until you reach the highest score. The gameplay is simple and it's a great way to kill time.

Graphics - The art style is simple and works very well. The backgrounds are nicely drawn and the sprite for Ninja is clean and crips. The designs for the courses are wonderful as well. Trust me the courses will have you playing over and over until you get a perfect.

Sound - The sound consists of one song. It's a very Ninja type song that you expect. Contains guitar, drums and the strings. You will grow tired of the music after a while. Thankfully there is a music off button.

Replay Value - The story mode will keep you busy and the endless mode is a great addition. Outside those two modes there is nothing to keep you to stay. However this is a great time killer for when you're on the road.

Final Grade B-/8.0 - Yoo Ninja is a fun, fast pace gravity game that will keep you entertain. The game is challenging and has some great artwork.