Marc Angelo's "My Final Fantasy" Review

Album Title - My Final Fantasy
Artist - Marc Angelo
Release Date - 12/05/2010

Review - What would happen if Nobuo Uematsu music of Final Fantasy met the sounds of Hip Hop? Chances are it would sound something like Marc Angelo's "My Final Fantasy" instrumental Beat Tape. How does the clash of two different genres of music hold up? Will the victory theme be played at the end? Or is this game over?

Let me tell you that Angelo captures both the spirit of Hip Hop and Final Fantasy. There is 22 tracks in all with three bonus tracks. The Beat Tape features samples from most of your favorite Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10 are sampled the most. The first track is entitled "The Introduction" and rightly so. This track contains a very nice string sample and a bass beat to make you feel relax. After "The Introduction" the music goes to another level. The second track entitled "To Another Dimension" this song contains samples from the Hymm Of Faith from Final Fantasy X. The Hymm, mix with piano and bass will set fans ears to heaven. This is probably one of my favorite tracks on the Beat Tape. Marc Angelo made sure that the parts he sampled, not only make the theme feel refreshing to hear but still capture the spirit of the games. Some standout tracks to mention are "Summoning Spirits" where the vocals of the song "Melodies Of Life" is used in a loop form, over a beat. This technique works and it's one of the tracks you will have on repeat. Another standout track is "Are You Afraid?" which is a slow down version but more tempo theme of Seymour from Final Fantasy X. There are a few tracks that didn't catch my ears. Most of these tracks were the bonus tracks. I felt the rappers rapping over the instrumental didn't do the production justice. Overall if you are a Final Fantasy fan and love Hip Hop, then this a combination that you can't miss. Final grade is A-/9.0.

You can download Marc Angelo's Free Beat Tape "My Final Fantasy" here. You have to sign up and register. Listen to it here.