NBA 2k11 Jordan Challenge Guide & Achievement/Trophy Tips

Still haven't got all the achievements/trophies in NBA2k11??
Have you given up on the Jordan Challenges??
Well after reading this simple guide you will feel like a 2k master!

Live the Dream - Complete all of the Jordan Challenge games
Now most of you don't have problems with "the arrival","69 points","Bad Boys",1991 nba finals" & "double nickel". Those challenges just ask for you to score alot of points and shoot a good percentage.To keep you shooting % high go in for alot of dunks and don't take many contested shots.
The two biggest questions I receive is how can I stop Drexler in "The Shrug" & even worse Wilkins in "Shootout"? Easy, plenty of help defense and deny them the ball. Once Drexler or Wilkins touch the ball double team asap! Also set Pippen to guard both and make him deny the ball. If that doesnt work well go in the roster menu and lower Drexler & Wilkins stats.Making them a 50 overall will make it easy for you.That way is pretty cheap but hey do what you must.
Three others that i personally found hard were "Fathers Day Victory" "The Flu Game" & "Last Dance" The steals in "Last dance" bugged me but hack away.Once a "non guard" Utah jazz player touches the ball run Jordan to him and go for the steal.I got alot of steals from Malone since he touched the ball so much & his handle rating is pretty low. Fathers Day Victory & The Flu Game requires alot of rebounds...the trick to this is just move Jordan to the PF or even Center position in the 2nd half of the game. That puts him in a great position to go for alot of boards.It worked for me!


4-Point Line - Pull off a successful 4-point play with any player, in a non-simulated game.

This can be very tough but the trick is to pump fake alot. Once your opponent is in the air lean into him and pray it goes in.*this requires alot of luck*

Five by Five - Record 5 or more in 5 different stats with any player in a non-simulated game.
This requires at least 5 points,5 assist,5 rebounds,5 blocks & 5 steals Personally I used Jordan hes a great all around player. I felt the blocks were the hardest but stay aggressive with Jordan try to be involved in EVERY play even on defense.

G Dominance - Win by at least 50 points with any team, in a non-simulated game & G Performance - Score at least 48 points with Kevin Durant to set a new career high, in a non-simulated game.

Easy,play 12 min quarters and play on Rookie.

Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown (20) Beat LeBron James in the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown.
Quantity OVER Quality in this mode to win.If you do more dunks than Lebron you will more than likely win. Two simple dunks will give you a score of 70 + 70(140) while Lebrons one great dunk will net him a 90. Dunk fast and you will rack up points fast to win. Its actually pretty easy.

Any more tips needed? Please leave a comment below I would love to help.