Meet Monica Velour Review

A lonely porn geek sets off on a road trip to meet his favorite pornstar. However things are not what they seem when he finally meets her. Is the trip everything he hopes to be?

Story - Tobe (Dustin Ingram) sets off on a road trip to meet Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall), his favorite '80s porn star, at a rare live appearance hundreds of miles away. Instead of the glamorous sexpot portrayed on film, he finds a 49-year-old single mom living in a trailer in rural Indiana, performing at seedy strip clubs to make ends meet. A starry-eyed Tobe, still captivated by his crush, befriends Monica, further complicating her difficult life. The story is very interesting. Here you have a porn geek, who doesn't get girls, misunderstood and basically what you would see from a stereotypical nerd. However Tobe has a girl he has his eye on another geek. However he won't date her because she is also a geek. I found that ironic a geeky guy, who won't date a geeky girl. The story really picks up when Tobe finds out that his dream woman is performing at a strip club. He travels there to sell a van he got as a graduation present. When he finds Monica she is not the starlet he sees in his head. She is broke, lives in a trailer, takes drugs and basically hit rock bottom. The real focus is fantasy meeting reality. I really enjoy the focus of Monica trying to get back her daughter. That is when story really shines and you peel back the layers of Monica.

Acting - If the first words you say is Samantha when think of Kim Cattrall, then you need to watch this movie. Cattrall changed her voice, her posture and basically has emerge herself into Monica. The acting is good in this film. Dustin Ingram as Tobe is also enjoyable to watch. How many geeks have you encountered like Tobe? Watching the film you will get frustrated at Tobe's character just wishing he just gets it. Keith David plays Tobe's word of wisdom type of character. His character is the one that buys the van from Tobe. His delivery on that last conversation with Tobe, about saving people will really make you think. The performance do what it's suppose to do and that's convince you that this world exist. The acting is great and Kim Cattrall steals the show.

Music & Filmmaking - The music uses a lot songs from the 80's era. It makes sense since it's focus is on an 80's pornstar. I love the way the film was shot. The locations felt really real, mainly because every place that was shot was on location. They shot in the strip club, the trailer parks, the farm. It was really realistic and makes it the performances that much sweeter. First time director for a movie Keith Bearden does a wonderful job.

Final Grade B+/*** out of 4 Stars - The story and the characters are well performed and well written. The direction is on point and that scene with Keith David giving words of wisdom will hit home. The only thing I had a problem with was the ending felt kind of rush, but that's just being picky. It's a solid film and this is Kim Cattrall way of saying I'm more than just Samantha.