Sakura Day!

So I knnoowwwwww we haven't gotten together in a while & March was our Lolita time together. However, recent events with our adorable neighbors in the East called for some attention. So I had to press pause to be a bit socially responsible >^.^< 

I hope you'll still be my fashion friends as we resume our Road to Lolita & other fashion randomness!
We'll be easing on down that road bright & early Sunday afternoon! Loli promise >^.*<

I' WILL take this time and share where my head had run off to! Aside from being DC's greatest Otaku (joke joke ... I'm a big one, but not the greatest by far LOL) 

I'm also a tattoo artist in the area. SO I get a double whammy of Japanese culture. Being as though I'm so fond, I thought it'd ONLY be right to host a Sakura Day at Pinz-n-Needlez Tattoo to contribute to larger relief efforts for Japan. 

For the day, we did $20 Sakuras & sold tons of art made by the hands of Artistic Sole, TokyoXIII, Amari Mars, & Kevin Hunt. The day was documented by one of the shop's GREATEST friends/ fam/ client extraordinaire AP, of 1000 Words Photography.

 ... and that kitten who loves Japan is my very own character, Indian Pussy! her comic title The MISS-Adventures of Indian Pussy will be launching soon, so I hope you'll plan to join us!

 To top off a succesful day of great art, attitudes, and efforts, we poured saki and had great times! All in all, we raised over $1300 to help aid Japan. It's not a lot, but every little bit helps & we were glad to do so!

I hope that's a good enough reason of why I haven't spent time with you all as of recent, but I wasn't too far gone. SEE!

Until Sunday cats & kittens!
~je t'adore!