Interview With Kim Cattrall

Justin was featured in a Roundtable Interview with Actress Kim Cattrall to talk about her new film "Meet Monica Velour." Kim plays a fallen 80's pornstar who has hit severe rock bottom. Here is what Kim had to say about playing Monica.

Interviewer 1 asked Kim: What was you're reaction when you saw the final cut of the film?

Kim Cattrall: Whenever I see something I do for the first time, I'am kind of in shock. It's kind of formulated in your head and heart and your so excited that your doing it. Then when you take it outside of that, it's very impossible to be objective. It's almost like your in a trance. This was very different than anything I have ever done, not just the physicality, the voice and the heart of it. I didn't know if it worked. It took a couple of viewings for me to relax. It was a real relish to take this iconic look of who am I, or who people perceived you of being and just turning that inside out. Taking this image of who you are suppose to be was exciting and scary as well.

Kim Cattrall as Monica Velour

Justin For How did you prepare for the role of Monica Velour?

Kim Cattrall: I met Keith I think 2 months prior before filming. I responded to the script immediately. To get a role like this at this point in your life is very unusual. Nobody is writing parts for women over fifty that is this juicy, this multi-layer. We met and I said I really like to spend sometime with you, because he is a first time director and he's only done shorts. Also I wanted him to be comfortable with working with me. I wanted to see if we can find a language to work together. We rented a rehearsal room and we went through the whole script. I ask him a lot question and I mean a lot of question. Keith was very specific of how Monica sounded and how she carried herself. What he wasn't as touched with as I wanted to be is what the story was about. This woman trying to get the custody of her child and fighting for that. I asked for a couple of changes and he was more than happy to do that. Then came the weight issues which was fantastic. I could eat whatever I wanted and not exercised, then start to take on that whole burden where Monica finds herself.

Interviewer 2 asked Kim: What do you like about doing a small film like this compare to a blockbuster?

Kim Cattrall: It's very exciting to work with someone who never directed film before. They don't know on what not to do, there is this thrill to that. Keith has a voice and I think it's different than a lot of movies that are being made right now. I've been brought up with independent films and they're kind of my residents to America and European films too, thats what I love about them. To be able to support it, not just as an actor but as an audience member is amazing.

Justin For What I really like about the movie, is how Monica's profession was effecting how she was able to get a job. As I was watching it I was relating it to Hollywood Actors and Actresses as they get older they're usually get typecast. It was amazing just watching that character just trying to crawl back to even a stable living.

Kim Cattrall: "I can't even get a 5 buck an hour shampoo job in this town." That was the line in the film and it's true she couldn't get a job. She is so marginalized and she has the A on the chest. Society didn't want anything to do with her. She is so outside of any kind of life that could feed her, never mind her child. What choices does she has? She has no choices. I think you're absolutely right. You can put that into the entertainment fields, many fields, all fields. Where do you go? What do you do? People don't even have saving accounts anymore. That faith she had has been twisted and burned. What is her skills? She has none.

Meet Monica Velour Trailer

Interviewer 3 asked Kim: People usually say "The last thing want to meet you're heroes, because they never live up to you're expectations. What do you think this movie says about that?

Kim Cattrall: I don't think Tobe sees Monica from outside his fantasy ever. When he sees her he just sees her glory. He doesn't her 20 pounds overweight and messed up. Two minutes of them really spending time together, she breaks down and just uses him as a body to unload. He is chosen to be there. He sees her as his ideal and she's not hiding anything. She is who she is.

Justin: I will now leave you with a great quote Kim Cattrall was told by Jack Lemon.

Kim Cattrall: "Do things that scare you kid and you'll learn something."

Meet Monica Velour opens April 8th, 2011 (limited). Check you're local theater listings.