Green Lantern Rebirth Review

Title: Green Lantern Rebirth
Author: Geoff Johns
Illustrator: Ethan Van Sciver
Number Of Volumes: 6
Pages: 192

Story - If you ever had doubts on how important Hal Jordan is to the DC universe. This is the book that should rid all doubt from your mind. "Green Lantern Rebirth" is a tale of forgiveness and redemption for the greatest Green Lantern of them all. Hal Jordan had gone insane and killed many people, even Lanterns. He was consumed and became the evil Parallax. After committing the ultimate sacrifice to save the earth's sun. Jordan reappears as "The Spectre." The Spectre is the spirit of vengeance. The book has tons of cameos from the Justice League and other Lanterns such as, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Killowog and Guy Gardner. The Justice League are aware of Jordan's return and many are skeptical especially Batman. Batman and Hal Jordan never really seen eye to eye. Especially when Jordan turned into Parallax, it really made Batman not trust Jordan. The only ones who really believe that Jordan can be saved is Green Arrow, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner.

The story is amazing and very well written. Geoff Johns has connected the dots on Parallax, the guardians and why the color yellow and green are important in the Lantern universe. One of my favorite parts of reading this story was the study of Hal Jordan. Geoff Johns made sure that everything came full circle. We see Hal Jordan first meeting with Carol, his time as Parallax and the death of his father. Their is also a quick study on how Batman and Lantern are opposites. Batman being the darkness and using fear as a weapon. Lantern being the light and using willpower and hope as his weapon. It's clear why these two don't get along. Without giving anything anyway you will see why Hal Jordan is the greatest Lantern. You'll see how Jordan keeps the heart of the corps together. One thing you should know is that Kyle Rayner will gain your respect, as he steals the show when he faces a Jordan nemesis. Finally one of the best moments is the struggle Hal has with Parallax and Spectre. It's a inner turmoil that will keep you reading till it's over. Overall you are going to enjoy this emotional story of redemption, forgiveness and trust.


Ethan Van Sciver does a wonderful job with the illustrator. There are tons of splash pages when the action takes off. It is drawn very well with detail. The color use is amazing. I also like in the beginning that Batman is face is not seen, he's more of this dark shadow figure. There is plenty of detail for each character, their facial expressions and environments. Trust me there is plenty emotion in these pictures. Just a solid job.

Final Grade A+/9.5 - Green Lantern Rebirth is a huge welcome back to it's greatest Lantern. The journey is one hell of a ride. Good writing and wonderful pacing. Fans will rejoice to see Hal back to his normal self. At the end of the book you will say "In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might.Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"