An Easy to Follow "How to Dress Lolita" Guide

It's MaRcH, it's MARCHHHH! You know what that means?! It's Road to Lolita Month!
Since it's our first "official" day together as I begin my exciting mini-journey to dressing Lolita, I thought I'd share some easy "How To" guides for those of you reading who aren't quite familiar with the fashion.

I took this quiz to see if dressing Lolita works in my lifestyle. wanna know the GREAT news? ... based on my results, I was BORN to do this! (HECK YEA!)
This is your FIRST step ... whether you pass or not, you can still join me on this journey >^.^<

Here are some tips on How to dress  Lolita ... more so the finished look once you put everything together.

And since we last blogged together, I bought my first Lolita skirt ... wanna take a peek?

 I Looovveeee t-shirts and I tattoo full time so, realistically, dressing all out Lolita may not be the move everyday. BUT! Thank the sweet candy gods for a simple "casual" Lolita style. I'll be paring this with one of my cool tees, some yummy cute accessories, knee socks & some good ol' Mary Janes!

I'm not a big fan of EHow, but they have some pretty simple tips 'To Add a Little Lolita Everyday' into your lifestyle. I thought that was pretty nifty & a good way to get yah started ... ya know, test the waters a bit!?!

Don't worry. I'll be tweeting all of March & posting to share until we meet again, so you'll be faaarrrr from left unsupervised ;-D Be sure to drop a line, leave a comment, or share your Loli story. We'd love for you to join us!

And next week's treat is some awesome yummy cute goodness from an awesome Loli as she shares her styles and what being Lolita means to her >^.^<

Until then!
~je t'adore!