Let's Be Perverts (Manga Review)

Title: Let's Be Perverts
Author: Youjung Lee
Illustrator: Youjung Lee
Number Of Volumes: 4

Story - Perverto is just a regular 17-year-old...with the unavoidable nickname, "pervert." Unlike his namesake, he's actually quite naïve when it comes to sexual matters; his first and only youthful romance having ended terribly. To escape his bad reputation, he transfers to a new school for a fresh start. But on his first day there, he's falsely accused of groping a girl named Hongdan on the subway. To make matters worse, she happens to be another new student who has just transferred to his new school, to his very class.

The story is well written. The characters are very well developed. Perverto is a just your normal teenage guy fighting with his hormones, and trying to find his place. Youjung Lee has written a Manga with characters that many can relate too. The story starts off very light hearted and you will laugh at the first volume. However as the story progress it gets dark, dealing with issues such as cheating, rape and student teacher relationships. As well crafted and executed this story is, the ending felt rushed and you will feel like Lee lost steam towards the end. My favorite character is the main character Perverto. He is misunderstood by the ladies and has to go through awkward moment after another to get the girl he desires. I also love how dark his frustration gets when he finds out his recent girlfriend did something. Another interesting character is Hongdan. Hongdan is the Perverto love interest. She is a tough girl, that is kind of a tomboy. What makes her interesting is her inner battle with herself. She was in a relationship with a girl, and is trying to move on to be with Perverto. However the past keeps following her, as her ex is trying to win her back. Overall the story is fun, dark and you will re-read it over and over. Just a heads up there is plenty of fan service.


The art has a lot of fan service. There is enough boobs and pantie shots to make you say "I see why this is the title." There also some use of real photos of real girls in a section of the book. I really love the facial expressions in this. There are some close up shots of Perverto that will have you laughing. The art really shines during the emotional points of the story. You can really feel the pain of each character and it's great detail.

Final Grade B+/8.5 - "Let's Be Perverts" is funny, dark and gets emotional in some points. The theme of teenage insecurity is explored greatly. Fun characters and a whole lot of inner conflict makes this Manga a worthy read. Final Grade B+.