Geek Fashion :: Suggestions from a Kid!

This week, I'll take some time to welcome Ja'kiyah (Little MISS Madness). To welcome her to Team Artistic Sole and because she's a mini fashion guru, I asked her to tell the people what she feels about geek fashion, her suggestions for rocking it, & some pics we found as examples of her "approved" geek wear while perusing the inter webs ...

This is what she had to say about the matter ::

IKB: What's your take of "geek fashion"?
LMM: I usually think glasses , comic books, computers,  and video games.

IKB: The average "geek" is simple in dress, a tee & jeans type of person,what would you suggest we geeks do to look fashionably clever?
LMM: I'd say jazz up the poindexter look and make it look more fashionable, with sttrroooong geeky roots! The good thing about geek fashion is that you can mix geek chic with other styles too: Like Emo, preppy goth, Urban, Hippie, Indie & more!

Little MISS Madness is the newest member to my team. If you see her around, please be sure to say hey! She's what she like to call "in training to become a better artist"!

If you'd like to share your cool geeky fashion, please email us at

Til next time,
~je t'adore!