I Sprout EARS ... Often!

I'm getting up and ready for Katsucon, and my favorite part is going to be putting on my cutesy cat cosplay ears. Above ALL things I could accessorize any outfit with, these are by far my FAVORITE accessory. I usually break them out when I wake up in the morning feeling like it's going to be a superbly GREAT day ... if I'm feeling like I'm sitting on top of the world, gonna create some awesome art, or just want to be amused by the people watching the girl in her ears I throw 'em on & keep it moving.

Here are some random pics of my MISS-Adventures with my ears >^.^<

My ears & I first met at NYCC 2010

We're doing our own "rally time" for the SF Giants :: World Series 2010

representing Art Whino :: Live painting at The Hudson 2010

We decided to meet Frank Cho on Hallow's Eve :: And evoked the wonderful spririt of my character/ alter ego, Indian Pussy, in a photo shoot

Just chilling around the shop playing hostess to our guest videographer, Artemus Jenkins

I evoked Indian Pussy again for a murder mystery dinner to bring in the new year 2010/11

Let's see what MISS-Adventures my ears & I get into this year!

Next week :: Confessions of a Lolita as she shares how she dresses to cope with her geeky fashion.
If you want to share your favorite geeky fashion/ cosplay, accessories & all, feel free to shoot me an email :: ipbrand@artistic-sole.com
Until next time cats & kittens.
~je t'adore!