Androidify Review

Google Creative Labs has made a very cool app for the Android Market. This app allows you to create a customize Android as yourself. Now you can't take a picture of yourself and let it transform you into an Android. What you can do is select from clothes, hair, and accessories. You can change their shape, size and have tons of fun. Right now the clothes, hair and accessories are limited. Also you can't change the color of the droid to colors like blue, red, etc. You can however set the droid to color of your ethnicity. Unfortunately you can't change the colors of the clothes, accessories either, but it is a nice app to help pass the time. The app also allows you to save your pictures and share them with friends, social networks and more. Check it out! Final Grade B-/8.0.

Here is an Androidify of Anime Angel and Myself.

Justin (Androidify)

Anime Angel (Androidify)