Tiger Electronics Handheld Games

Today I was cleaning out my closet. I was shocked that I found my old Tiger Electronics Handheld Games. Now when I was younger I didn't have a Gameboy, so I had to play with these games. Believe it or not I had a lot of Tiger Electronics Handheld Games or toys. As you see in the picture some of the games I had were, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Space Jam, Mega Man 2, Rugrats and All Pro Basketball. The games were fun for me back in the day. I tried them all today and it actually still works. These handhelds uses your standard Double A batteries. Here is a brief review on all the games I had.

Space Jam - Based on the movie you play as Michael Jordan as his Toon friends go against the Monstars. You don't play as the whole team. You only play as Michael and it's kind on of a one on one with one of the Monstars. The other Monstar just stays on the bottom of the court to steal the ball. Each quarter you can call a Toon to help you steal the ball once. You can call Daffy, Lola, Taz and Bugs. It was pretty fun for it's time.

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers - You play as Chip N Dale as they try to stop Fat Cat from stealing precious rings. Gadget comes random at times to help you. The object is the move forward, hit Fat Cat and collect the rings. You do this every level.

Rugrats - In Rugrats you get to choose from Tommy, Chucky, Phil Or Lil. They're at a amusement park and the goal is to collect Reptar cereal. Gain the most points and avoid Angelica and Adults from taking the cereal away.

All Pro Basketball - This a two on two basketball game. It's very difficult the d-pad does so many functions and it's not really fun to play.

Mega Man 2 - This to me was actually of the best Tiger Handhelds. In Mega Man you had to fight in 6 levels with a boss battle at the end, also you had different forms of weapons. It was pretty challenging for it's time.