NBA 2K11 My Player Mode Tips

For those having trouble with my player mode don't fret Justin and I are here to save you. This mode can be extremely frustrating in the beginning, but with a little practice, patience & these tips you will be Rookie Of The Year/MVP in no time.

Keenan's/Bess Tips:

-Increase the minutes
Playing more minutes will allow you to pad your stats more, also allow you to earn a better teammate grade. Personally I play on 8 minutes but i know alot of people who play 12 minutes per quarter.

-Don't play on anything above All-Star difficulty
No I'm not being a puss... I love the challenge, but the problem is you will lose all your games since your teammates, wont play on the same level. For some reason they stay on Pro.

-Pick the right drills

You don't have to play all the drills. You can do 1 of 2 things.

1. Pick the drill your best at and reap the benefits from getting the same gold benefits over and over.

Example :Do 20 shooting drills in a row to develop the hell outta your jump shots.

2. Pick the Dribbling course and get speed +1 or +2 (Tip: Pause the game to see the moves)

Now you can take those points away from the speed attribute and use them elsewhere. Remember speed is the most expensive attribute so you will net A LOT of points if you take away your "Speed +2" bonus. Also speed isn't the most important attribute in this game.

My speed is a 75 and I just scored 78 points this weekend, the next game I had 53.11 & 10....again speed isn't that important.

-Use your points to develop the mid range shot

The mid range shot covers a lot of the court! Its also ridiculously easy 2 max out. Once you boost this past 80, all you need is a little space and you will make almost all your shots. Remember you'll need a little space which can be created with a pick and pop or even a fast break.

Also pick a shot you love. Personally I love J.Alexanders shot, some say Ray Allen's is the best.

-How to guard a superstar/mismatch

Early in your career you will be matched up against the beast, aka Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Durant etc etc. With your defense so low they will abuse you, so the best thing you can do is deny them the ball and contest every shot. These superstars love to shoot even if your on them, so as long as your in their face your teammate rating wont decrease.

Justin's/The Cool One Tips:

- Defense is the key to getting a A+. You know it doesn't matter what position you play. If you can block a shot, get a rebound or even a steal, your grade goes up quickly.

- Complete milestones. Milestones gives major points and will help you boost your player more faster.

- Complete objectives and win rival games. As the game states itself win rival games and double your points.

- You want to be Rookie Of The Year, then chuck, chuck, chuck. My player averages 48.8 points per game. Three pointers will help you with your scoring average. Being the top leading scorer will double you chances of Rookie Of The Year.

- Make sure your offensive and defense awareness is up. Your rating will shoot up quickly.

- Do not play the D- league. Chances are you won't get called up to the NBA till mid of the seasons. This will ruin your chances of Rookie Of The Year.

- Know your position and your role. Stick your man and set up plays that will get your team the win. If you need help with plays, then do scrimmage. Scrimmage will help you learn pick and rolls, etc.

If you have more tips then put them in the comment section.