My Favorite Anime Couples (Justin's Choices)

Valentines is a few weeks away, hooray for the lovers. I wanted to share my top five favorite Anime Couples and why I choose them.

Goku & Chi Chi

Goku & Chi Chi are a really great couple. The thing I love about Goku and Chi Chi is that Chi Chi is the only battle Goku can't win. As strong as Goku is and fearless he is, he fears Chi Chi. Chi Chi balances Goku, without Chi Chi Goku life is just training, battle and food. The addition of love gives Goku more reasons of why he can't lose, not to mention Chi Chi is the most powerful woman in the DBZ universe. Until Pan and Videl came into the picture.

Seto & Iori

I love Seto & Iori because they represent that innocent high school love. Seto represents the shy nice guy, trying to express his feelings to the girl he loves. Iori is the popular girl is who misunderstood by the boys and she's also a shy girl. For these two to admit they're love for each prove very challenging. However when it finally happens it was loving and you were happy for them.

Kyoichi & Chiharu

Can friends become lovers? That's what happen to Kyoichi & Chiharu. Like Seto and Iori it took sometime for these two to reveal they're feelings. When the relationship started it was good, but then Chiharu felt insecure and did something unforgivable. This lead to a break up and both characters were depressed for sometime. But they eventually patch things up and show that love forgives and heals all.

Renton & Eureka

Love at first sight is what I will describe Renton & Eureka. When Renton first saw Eureka he knew she was the one. However it didn't start off like that. There was tons of awkward moments, missed chances and of course Holland kicking his ass. However when Renton left the Gekkostate is when Eureka realized her feelings. The best moment is when Renton saves Eureka with the Nirvash.

Rick & Minmei

Even though their relationship didn't last. Rick & Minmei will always be my favorite. Why I like them so much? It's probably one of the most realistic Anime couples I have on this list. There was conflict with this couple. Rick being in the service, Minmei being a pop idol. Not to mention Rick's constant conflicting of his feelings for Minmei and Lisa Hayes. There were times Minmei wanted to spend time and Rick couldn't. There were times Rick wanted time and Minmei couldn't. The moments they do share with each other is some of my favorite in anime. The kiss at the Christmas dinner, the confession Rick does before he goes to battle. My favorite moment when Minmei realizes her feelings as well. Even though Rick married Lisa, I will still say Minmei was the better choice.