M.A.C. + Wonder Woman = Girl Power

"The skies have opened. It's raining M-A-C! Praise Aphrodite!"

No really! It's raining M-A-C ... by way of Wonder Woman. This Spring, the make-up Gods have chosen to smile on us geek girls with the goodness of their limited edition line of Wonder Woman products compliments of a team-up with DC Comics. 

We got a chance to catch up with a M.A.C.-induced make-up artist and she gave us the skinny on the line ... Peep game!
IKB: What's a brief synopsis of this limited edition WW line?
CMB: The products for the Wonder Woman collection are supersized just like her.  
IKB: What are your favorite products in the WW line?
CMB: I am very excited about the colorful mascaras since MAC hasn't had colored mascara in years. The brush sets are also 1 of my favorite treats in this upcoming line.
IKB: What products from the line would you suggest for an easy, everyday look?
CMB: For an everyday look the mineral powders are great. The penultimate liner is also amazing since you can achieve any size line with it.
IKB: What other pop culture limited edition lines would you like to see M.A.C. explore?
CMB: I would like to see do a collaberation with playboy again. Instead of just a lipstick I would love to see a whole line of sexy products.  
Like any girl couldn't find a useful way to collect these? ... Pfft!
Since M.A.C. is known for being among the leaders in fashion make-up artistry products, I'll be making it a point to use product from the line for my next cosplay adventure.

The Wonder Woman line hits stores in North America on Feb 10 and will be available internationally on March 10. If you JUST CAN'T WAIT, be sure to check out M.A.C.'s pop-up shop in SoHo which opened to the public on Jan 27. Otherwise, check out the line's complete product list, ooh & ahhhh, and wait ... like the rest of us LOL

until next time 
~je t'adore!