X-Men: The Arcade Game Review

I've have played a lot of Arcade Games in my gamer lifetime so far. There are a few that hold a place in my heart. Some of these games are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles In Time, G.I. Joe, The Simpsons, WWF WrestleFest and many more. But one game really holds a special place in my heart. That game is X-Men The Arcade Game. Why does it hold a special place? It was the first Arcade Game I have ever beaten. But how does port hold up for PS3 and XBOX 360? Does it capture the same magic?

Story - The story is pretty basic. Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants are plotting to destroy. They kidnap Professor X and it's up to the X-Men to save Xavier and stop Magneto.

Gameplay - The gameplay is exactly how you remember it from the old days. Players get to choose from six X-Men such as Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Colossus, Storm and Dazzler. Players can go on alone, or bring six friends either offline or online to stop Magneto. The game is exactly how you remember. Only difference is that you have a few options. Players can choose with region they play in Japan or USA. In the Japan version you are able to pick up items to regain your health or mutant powers. The USA version does not have that feature. You can also raise your difficulty level which is pretty pointless since you have unlimited life. The game is a classic beat em up. You fight a horde of enemies throughout the level, then fight a boss at the end of every level. The game is good for today as it is yesterday. The only complaint I have is the online lagging that happens when a player leaves the party. Sometimes it takes more than 30 seconds to a minute for the game to return. This gets really annoying especially on the PS3. Other than the game is exactly how you remember it.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - You would think an 18 year old game would look outdated. Not in this case. The game is still beautiful and colorful to look at. It runs smoothly, until someone logs out, but then the framerate returns. The mutant powers are still the best to see graphic wise.

Sound - I still love the sound of the music in this game. The first level song is always my favorite. The voice acting might sound cheesy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Gamers who have never played this game get used to Colossus mutant power sound, because people love to do that a lot. The music fits the game and brings you more into an epic battle feel.

Replay Value - If you've played this as a kid, then the nostalgic feel will probably never leave you. There is also the leaderboards and who doesn't want to be number one. This game is still addictive and you will play over and over.

Final Grade A-/9.0 - The X-Men Arcade Game is a classic. Everything you remember and more is intact. With more options on difficulty and region choice, and the ability to play with six players really makes this game a home run. The best part is the game only cost ten dollars. There is a lagging issue with players who exit, but it doesn't totally kill the experience. Final Grade is A-/9.0.