TRON Evolution: Battle Grids Review

With the new release of TRON Legacy. We checked out the game TRON Evolution: Battle Grids for the Wii. Unlike TRON Evolution for XBOX 360 and PS3, this game is all about the games and not about the rise of CLU. Is straying away from the PS3 and XBOX 360 counterparts a good thing?

Story - You are an ISO that you create. Tron is looking for the next big champion in the grid games, since he has retired. He enlists Zuse and another ISO Quorra to help find the next champion. Thus enters you, you are discover by these two and are taking under the wing of Tron and his friends to be the next big thing of grid games.

Gameplay - Battle Grids consists of three modes, Grid Games, Championship and Story Mode. Grid Games is when you can take on the A.I. or four of your friends and choose the game you would like to play. The games go as follows, Light Disc Battle, Light Cycle Arena, Light Cycle Race, Grid Tanks, Runner Race, Hyper Ball and Runner Arena. Championship mode is when you can choose up to 9 grid games and battle your friends or A.I. to see who will be the champion. Story Mode is describe in the story section. The games are a blast to play. You have the choice of using just the Wii Mote or Wii Mote and Nunchuck. Both work really well, but I suggest Wii Mote. Each game has it's own specific controls and all work really well and smoothly. The only problem is the camera. In some games especially the Light Disc Battle, the camera is really annoying. It would have been nice to control the camera in this game. Sometimes in the Light Disc Battle game the arena moves up and down, sometimes your player would have to double jump but the angle it's shot in makes it hard. The game is very challenging on the harder levels, especially on the Light Cycle Battles. If you are looking for a challenging game then this would be a good choice. Another great thing about this game is customization. You can purchase new items, Light Cycles, and parts to make your game that much better. The real shine in this game is cooperative play. Playing with your friends in Championship mode is a blast. The gameplay is solid and enjoyable whether you have friends with you or not. If you want the real grid game experience then this is your choice.

Gameplay Video

Graphics -
The graphics are pretty good. The character designs are more cartoonish which isn't a bad thing. The Grid looks wonderful especially the Light Cycle games. The story mode environments are cool but some parts in TRON city feel uninspired and repetitive. However the graphics did it's job by capturing The Grid and the TRON universe.

Sound - Most of the cast from TRON Legacy is in this game providing a voice over. The music is still awesome with Daft Punk you can't go wrong. The voice acting is brilliant and top notch, some characters voices are a little dry, but it doesn't take away from the experience.

Replay Value - This game is too fun and you will want to master the harder levels. There are tons of things to unlock, from items, upgrades and side quest to do in Story Mode. Adding a friend to the mix and you upgrade the challenge, trust me you are going to strive to be the champ in this game.

Final Grade B-/8.0 - The game is a lot of fun. It does lack modes and the side quest can get tiresome. However the game is fun to play and it's worthy to be in the TRON universe. If you want a fun game that has a little challenge to it, then give this a shot. Trust me it will be a while before you leave the grid. Final Grade is B-/8.0.