Dragon Saga Review

Dragon Saga is a free MMORPG by Gravity Interactive. I finally sat down with this very unique MMORPG. How does it hold up? Its worth the 2GB download?

Story - Here is the synopsis of the overall story. Since the close of the Dragon War, dragons and humans lived in peace on separate worlds humans on their homeland, and dragons exiled to the depths of the Aether. It was not to last. Consumed with the desire for revenge, the Dark Dragon Elga led a revolt that brought the death of the Dragon Lord and an invasion of the human world. One thousand years have passed since the Five Heroes of legend defeated Elga in battle, and imprisoned him in the labyrinth prison of the Shadow Cabinet. Now, an unlikely agent threatens to release the Dark Dragon, spreading evil's corruption across the land. And as before, heroes must rise to beat back the darkness. The story is pretty fun. I just wish it was explored more like other RPG's, but it's MMORPG so you let the story unfold.

Gameplay - This MMORPG consists of four job classes. Players will be able to choose from Warrior, Magician, Archer and Thief. You can choose different variations of the classes. Like The Warrior can be a gladiator, Archer a Marksman and etc. This MMORPG is very different than others you might have played. For starters this is a side scrolling MMORPG. You'll probably wondering on how that works. The control scheme is actually very simple to use. The arrow keys is used to direct your character. The character has two attack the X button for your main attack, and the A button for your magic. The battle is not random, the enemies just show up on screen and you run pass them if you wish. The fighting is similar to a side scrolling beat em up. You take on a number of enemies at a time and basically you are button mashing all the time. This can get dull quickly but it manages to keep you exciting with new skills and upgrades. As far as quest goes, players have the options to either do side quest or mission quest which move the story along. The side quest are the standards fetch an item, kill this monster scenario. The dungeons are called Mission Maps. Usually you fight a wave of enemies and fight a boss at the end. The game gets challenging as you upgrade to your classes. Trust me in this game you will have to grind. Some of the bosses take a lot or little to no strategy, sometimes all you need to do to beat a boss is just take running far and hitting him. As far as Multiplayer goes in this game. Players can party up with 4 people and it makes sense since it's a sidescroller. Trust me on the harder level you are going to want someone else. Chatting and invites are very easy to use, thanks to it's simple menu interface. Overall the gameplay is unique and fun. However it can get repetitive, but what game isn't?

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are pretty good. Dragon Saga goes with a Cartoonish/Anime style feel for their fantasy world. It really works and comes to life with the theme of the story. The look of the enemies are great, especially the wolves. The only disappointing thing is the lack of customization you have with your character. Currently you can only change their hair, facial features and color. Otherwise the game and servers hold up well. The loading is quick, there was a few lagging from time to time. However nothing serious.

Sound - The music is great. Nice and cheerful and fits the world completely. Some songs sound generic, but it keeps your interest in the action. The voice acting for what they have is good, nothing over the top and the characters are believable.

Replay Value - This has tons of replay value, the service is great, loading time quick and gameplay unique for an MMORPG. It's bold and having a friend along will make it much sweeter as you take on this adventure.

Final Grade B+/8.5 If you want something different, fun and challenging give this a download. With only 2gb and being free I say it's quite a deal. Fun story and gameplay, but the lack of customization is disappointing. However there is always time for patches and upgrades. Final Grade is B+/8.5