The Best Of Yoko Shimomura

Justin plays the best from videogame composer Yoko Shimomura. Here's a brief history on here from Square Enix Music Online. Yoko Shimomura was born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Her parents enrolled her in piano lessons when she was five years old and quickly took to the instrument. After high school, she enrolled as a piano major in Osaka Music University. Upon graduation, she intended on becoming a piano instructor, but, being a fan of video games, she sent some samples of her work to Capcom, who offered her a position. Reportedly, her family members were dismayed with her decision to accept.

In 1993, Shimomura composed her first soundtrack for Squaresoft, the wacky role-playing pastiche Live A Live. Shimomura later tag-teamed with Noriko Matsueda on the strategy/RPG Front Mission in 1995. In 1996, she composed and arranged Square's last Nintendo-produced game for the Super Famicom game system, Super Mario RPG. In 1998, Shimomura went solo once again for the soundtrack to the RPG Parasite Eve. The following year she composed for Legend of Mana, which began to show a development of her style. She has gone on to achieve wide recognition for her work on the Kingdom Hearts series of games.