Tron: The Betrayal (Comic Review)

Title: Tron The Betrayal
Author: Jai Nitz
Illustrator: Andie Tong
Number Of Volumes: 2
Pages - 117 Pages

Story: With Tron Legacy less than a month away. Disney and Marvel have release the comic book, which ties into what happens between Tron and Tron Legacy. The story takes place in 1983 and Tron and Flynn have escaped from the Gridbugs. After their escape Flynn returns to the real world, to take care of his pregnant wife Jordan Canas. While Flynn is stuck between his duties as husband, and a worker at ENCOM. Things are not going so well at The Grid. Flynn's created program Clu 2 is obsessed with creating the perfect system. This obsession because more in depth when the grid starts making it's own programs. The program names it's self Ophelia. Flynn says that she is an isomorphic program or ISO for short and feels they should be free to create. This causes a riff between Clu and Flynn. The story will lead you directly into what will soon be Tron Legacy.

Throughout these two volumes you will see Clu 2 ambitions getting the best of him. Since Clu 2 is made out of Flynn image, I found it interesting to see him have human emotions. The story shows you what Flynn has been up too after the original movie. The only problem I have with the story is, if you never watch Tron you will be lost. You get a mention of who everyone is, but unless you watch the movie you won't really know them. I do like how the tie in works well with the upcoming Tron Legacy. In this book you will see the birth of Sam Flynn, the protagonist of Tron Legacy. You will see how Kevin Flynn is slowly losing himself in both worlds. I really like the slow fall that Kevin has. He is conflicted between Tron's world and his real world. Choices that are made will decide the outcome for both worlds. The plot is a decent tie in but I was expecting to learn more. However what we do get is a nice quick ride in the grid that will have you waiting for Tron Legacy.


The artwork is a hit or miss. The character designs look good. However it's very difficult to really capture the world of Tron on paper. The environments look uninspired. There are only a few shots of the city that look great. It's not the artist fault. Tron world is really hard to capture on paper. However the Light Cycles do look pretty cool. However the actions don't look great at all. It doesn't that feel you like. Overall the artwork is average at best.

Final Grade C-/7.0: The story is decent enough, but the artwork is a hit or miss in certain areas. If your a fan of Tron this is a cool read and enough to get you by before the sequel. However if you never seen or know any knowledge of Tron. I suggest you watch the movie before picking up the book, because you will be lost.