Comic Books Is A Form Of Literature!

You know growing up I've always heard people say "Comic Books and Manga are not literature." Even in my years of college in my English courses, people would debate about this. It's was really funny to hear the ignorance to their claims. "Comic books have pictures in it, so how can that be literature." Or my favorite "If it has pictures in it, the book is more of an art book." Really do people even know what the word "Literature" means. Let's look up the word shall we.

Literature 1. - The body of written works of a language, period, or culture.

Literature 2. - Imaginative or creative writing, especially of recognized artistic value.

Literature 3. - The art or occupation of a literary writer.

As you can see from these definitions, most written work can be considered literature. But let's get really into writing 101 here. What does a story need to be consider literature. Well a story needs a plot, theme, climax, characters, settings etc. I believe comic books all of these essentials. But yet comics are still look down upon, as one of the lowest forms of literature. Why is that I wonder? Is it really because it has pictures? Or is it the audience that comic books have? Most comic readers are ranging from kids to young adults and even middle age and elderly. Are you trying to tell these people that what they read isn't literature? Most comic books which some people don't consider literature, are now being adapted into other forms of art. Comic books characters and their stories, are now the driving force of summer blockbusters, videogames and even hit songs. Let's take a look at some comics and I'll explain why it is a great read.

The Watchmen by Alan Moore - If you want talk about comic books being literature. Look not further than The Watchmen by Alan Moore. This is probably one of the best graphic novels of all time. I'm not going to give you a book report. But The Watchmen consists of a complex plot, with complex characters and questions the nature of humanity. The book has so much social commentary and makes you really think about the characters when it's over. Yes it has pictures but it only helps you visualize the world more.

Spiderman created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - Spiderman is one of the greatest character ever created. Why is Spiderman so loved in the comic world? One thing is that teens relate to him. They relate to his struggles, his love life and his family life. Spiderman has a wonderful theme of "With great power comes great responsibility." It's a theme that Spiderman has to live with over and over again. A man blessed with a gift that tends to be a curse for his personal life. He's a hero who sometimes wish he wasn't the hero. That set up alone makes for good literature. Read Spiderman Issue #35 the 9/11 Dedication book and tell me that's not literature.

Batman created by Bob Kane - Batman is my favorite hero and I love reading his books. Why Batman is considered one of the greatest of them all? Batman is a tortured soul. Here is a man who saw his parents getting killed in front of him. The effect leaves him psychological complex and we get to explore the struggle of his duality. Here you have Bruce Wayne the playboy and Batman The Dark Knight. Great books to check out are "Batman Year One", "The Killing Joke", "The Long Halloween" and "The Dark Knight Returns." Read those and you'll see writing at it's finest.

To conclude this what are you views on comic books? Do you think it's literature or not? Tell us your views on the comment section. To my Otakus and Geeks if they say what you read isn't literature, tell them why it is or show them this article.