New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Review (ESPN included)

Microsoft started out the month of November with a free software update for its Xbox 360 users. The new UI gave users the feel of an upgraded console to a certain extent. The main reason for this was to make the Xbox Kinect compatible, some of the additions included ESPN, Zune unlimited music program, upgraded Netflix, life like Avatars and a slicker dash among many other things. But how does it fare?

Espn: My favorite new feature! As a huge sports fan this was the biggest announcement for me at E3 2010. As I'm typing this, I'm actually watching the Celtics play the Bucks on it now(in OT!). Now let me explain the new app.

Espn Xbox is Espn3 and merged together. You can Live stream pretty much every game that Espn 1 & 2 shows except for (MNFl). Also for some reason the NFL won't even let them show highlights just pics. Once you enter the app you have the option to watch a live game, watch a replay of a game or watch some highlights. I live in the highlight section, gone are the days when I have 2 sit through highlights that I don't care about, or sit through news about a sport I don't care about. You have the option to pick you favorite sports then see only news and highlights from that sport. Want to see Miami Heat highlights no problem just click on it, want to see Randy Moss latest interview no problem just click on it, want to rewind that amazing dunk by Kobe no problem.

Now hows the quality? Depending on your connection, most of the time you have a HD option which looks amazing! Im watching it now in HD with wifi from a G router so that shows alot there.
This App isnt perfect its still missing full shows like PTI, Mike and Mike and Around the Horn among others. Also No NFL highlights (just news), No NBA or MLB games not being shown on
Espn already. I KNOW this app will get better so be patient.

Netflix: Search bar added & new look. Search Bar not only shows you what is available to stream but it shows what is available in the entire netflix database

Overall the new look and the new additions are great, so many tweaks actually to many to name. Besides minor glitches which will be fixed shortly(ie avatar clothes/awards problems) this is a great Dashboard update! Not as ground breaking as the NXE but hey its free.