NBA Elite 11 Cancelled! Read What Happen....

For those who don't know NBA elite was cancelled yesterday & now NBA elite 12 has a new developer. EA Tiburon, yes the Madden Developers. Lets look at this from different angles.

1.Dear EA how the hell are you going to cancel a game that already went gold? WTF! For those who don't know. EA gave out copies of the game at the Elite 11 launch event. Hence the reason why it was sold on eBay, here's the link below. Credit to

2. Kevin Durant- The cover boy for NBA Elite didn't come cheap (yes 2k11 cover boy cost way more), how is that spent money justified? Will they use Kevin Durant again? Doubt it.

3. NHL developer team vs Madden developer team - EA's NHL franchise is amazing, it basically killed 2K's NHL game(not by buying them unlike Madden) so EA trusted them to lead the way with its NBA franchise. They re-branded it and gave NHL10 game director full control. In my opinion this was a great move. It seems that EA didn't truly understand that even Rome wasn't built in a day so they rushed Elites development. Once the game went gold EA execs wasn't happy with the negative demo reviews. They immediately blamed EA Canada for not fulfilling promises, shortly after the layoffs. Several reports say that EA laid off over 100 developers but none in the Madden offices.

Madden is EA's cash cow, in August Madden sold over 2 million copies. Yes! 2 million in one month! So EA feels like anything they touch turns to gold, well I actually met and attended a class held by EA Tiburon General Manager Phillip Holt. Let me tell you they are amazing! The amount of work that team puts into Madden every year is astronomical. Personally I don't think they can turn Elite around but what do you guys think??

Will Madden suffer now?

Will EA Tiburon turn around NBA Elite?

Should they use a brand new engine??

Let me know..