Top Ten Villains Of The Dragonball Universe

If you are a regular reader to the site, or a listener to our podcast show. Then you know that I love the Dragonball Universe. Today I want to share with you my top ten picks of best villains. The list was not made up by the strongest to weakest. I made the list on what villain I think impacted the universe the most. Let's start shall we.

#10. King Piccolo

King Piccolo the huge threat in the Dragonball series. He was the first real baddie in DB. If it wasn't for Kid Goku using Penetrate attack. Who knows what rule King Piccolo would of had. King Piccolo gave birth to Piccolo Junior. The Piccolo we know today and love. Thanks King Piccolo.

#9. Cooler

If you are new to Dragonball then you probably don't know who Cooler is. That's because Cooler is not in the series of DB, DBZ, DBGT or DB Kai. Cooler was in two Dragonball Z movies. He is Frieza brother and some ways stronger and smarter. Cooler was a powerful opponent in the fifth movie. However it wasn't until the sixth movie that we see Metal Cooler. All I have to say is Goku and Vegeta are lucky.

8. Janemba

Janemba is featured in movie #12. He makes Super Saiyan 3 Goku look like a joke. He has two forms. The first form is this cute chubby demon looking thing. His second form he looks more like a devil. His attacks are amazing. Janemba can regenerate, teleport and he's a skilled swordsman. If he was in the series it would've taken a lot of episodes to bring him down.

7. Omega Shenron

The last villain in the Dragonball GT Series. He is also the most powerful. What made Omega Shenron different is the ending of the series. Due to the Omega Shenron Goku and the others had to rethink the way they use the Dragonballs. Omega also has one of the coolest attacks the Negative Karma Ball.

6. Vegeta

Vegeta was a great villain because he was driven. Driven to a single goal and that was to beat Goku. What makes Vegeta a great villain is that you never knew at times, whether he was on your team or for himself. Their were times Krillin and the others question his motives. Their is nothing more deadlier than a villain that comes as an ally.

5. Baby

Blasted Super Sayian 4 Goku! If it wasn't for Goku the last remaining Truffle would be running the universe. I love Baby! He was such a cool villain. He was like the invasion of the body snatcher but more bad ass. Baby Vegeta is my favorite form of him. He was the best saga in Dragonball GT.

4. Majin Buu

Majin Buu was one of the longest saga's in the DBZ series. Their was times that I thought that Buu was boring. Then I saw Super Buu and Kid Buu, and then I was saying wow this guy is sick. Super Buu has this psychotic appeal to him that sends chills down your spine. Also Majin Buu blew up the earth. How many DB villains can say that?

3. Broly

Broly just can't stay down. It took 3 movies to finally put an end to the legendary Super Sayian. If Broly ever reach a level beyond Super Sayian one their will be no more Dragonball. One of the most powerful threats in the series.

2. Frieza

Frieza is probably the most iconic villain in DBZ history. Frieza killed the Sayians, Krillian, Vegeta and countless of Namekian people. This dude was pure evil. He is also the reason for Goku becoming Super Sayian.

1. Cell & The Androids

Cell and the Androids was the biggest threat in DBZ series. The Z fighters had to train countless times to face this threat. Cell was one of the smartest, cunning and strongest villans. However he let his pride get in the way. The Androids 17 & 18 were cruel and powerful. They made SSJ Vegeta look like a joke. The Androids is our top villains in the Dragonball Universe.