FMA Day (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Hi everybody! In the FMA series October 3rd is a big date in FMA. Its the day Ed and Al burned their house down and started on their long journey in search to get their body back. Funimation decided to make this a real celebration and wants to know what this day means to you. Well FMA was really one of the first T.V 14 shows I watched on Adult Swim. I love this show. Even if it is anime, it shows so many lesson if you look and hear hard enough. This show taught me a lot about sacrifice and that in sometime "equivalent exchange" doesn't always work. I also love the humor in both the original and new series. So guys, watch the FMA or FMA Brotherhood and have yourself a Happy FMA Day! Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!! P.S tell Funimation on their blog or Facebook page what this day and series means to you ok? ^-^