Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review

"What you seek you will find." Yoda said. Not exactly Yoda, what we sought was a great follow up to the original Force Unleashed. Instead we got a very short game that could of been an DLC, on PSN or XBOX Live. Even though The Force Unleashed 2 is bigger and badder, does that mean it's worth the buy?

Story - The story follows the events after the first game. Starkiller is on Komino uncertain whether he is himself or just a clone. After a fail training with Lord Vader. Starkiller escapes on a mission to find himself and answer the question of his true identity. The story is nothing special and can't compare to the first one. The story lacks emotional depth and the use of Yoda and Boba Fett is poorly used. Instead of the story exploring Starkiller's constant inner conflict with light and dark. We get a Starkiller that is one dimensional and has a one track mind, his mission is finding his love Juno Eclipse. Nothing else matters to him beside that. The story leaves you with even more questions such as where the hell is The Emperor? What is the progress of the Death Star? How far are we from Episode 4? The ending will also leave you disappointed as it setups for another installment. Just when the story is getting good it ends.

Gameplay - If you played the first game then move on along. The gameplay is the same with a few tweeks. Starkiller is still a walking force bomb. All powers are intact like Force Lighting, Force Push, Force Repel, Saber Throw and many more. New additions are the Jedi Mind Trick. Players can trick enemies to attack each other, or kill themselves. It's pretty funny watching a Stormtropper just give up on life. The Jedi Mind Trick is very useful when you have multiple enemies on the screen. Another new tweek is the Force Sense. The map that many gamers found annoying is gone. The Force Sense replaces the map and by pressing the up on the d-pad, the force will guide you to your destination. This is a welcome, but not really needed. Since the game is so linear and the design doesn't take different routes its not needed. You can't get lost in this game. Like the last game players are able to upgrade their powers and lightsaber skills. This time however it's not as in depth. You earn your point and upgrade, you don't get to choose your lightsaber skills at all. The game is normal level even on the hardest setting. Once you put your force levels to at least two the game is easy. The boss levels are easy once you recognize the patterns, however it is really epic. The final battle with Vader was amazing. My major problem with the game is that it's really short. It should take you to 4 to 5 hours max to beat. It's really short.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are beautiful. It's a nice upgrade from the first one. The rain on Komino is one of the best I've seen this year. LucasArts make sure that players gets the Star Wars feel. The only thing I didn't like was a little glitch I found in the elevator. Sometime Starkiller will become a ghost and you can see through him. But this rarely happens, there was a little hiccups on framerate through my gameplay, but otherwise that the graphics is amazing. Nothing put me a smile on my face than the Stormtroppers getting their limbs chop off with each swing. It's a beautiful site to see.

Sound - It's John Williams music that we know and love. Do you really expect anything less from him? Have you ever played a Star Wars game where the music wasn't on point? The music is beautiful and fits each cutscene very well. I love the use of "Anakin's Betrayal and The Immolation Scene." The screams of the Stormtroppers are a delight and the voice acting is top notch. There is no over acting in this game. I still wish James Earl Jones would play Vader, but it's still good.

Replay Value - The game features two endings, the dark and light. After you see those endings and complete the challenge mode there is nothing to do.

Final Grade C- The graphics are beautiful, gameplay has some new tweeks. The story is one dimensional, flat and lacks emotional depth that you expect from Star Wars. The Force Unleashed 2 has some heart, but lacks the spirit of the force. Even with a few epic set pieces the game is way too short to even suggest to die hard fans. Final Grade C-.