Scariest Videogame Of All Time (Justin's Choice)

I have played a lot of horror games in my 23 years of living on this earth. However no game has ever made me drop the controller, or completely turn the game off like "Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly." I know saying that a game is the scariest of all time you better have a reason. Well here are some of my reasons why I think it is.

1. This can actually happen to you to some extent. Granted there won't be such thing as a Camera Obscura. However the chances of meeting a ghost is way more higher than meeting a Zombie or Alien. What Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly does is bring us atmosphere unlike any other. The dark corridors, the sounds of ghost talking through the walls. It gave gamers a great feel of what it would be like to be in a Japanese Horror flick.

2. The scares are amazing. Besides the creepy atmosphere and voices of the dead echoing around. What really makes is this game scary is that you never know when the ghost will appear. The ghost can be anywhere. I remember the scariest moment in this game is when I saw the ghost kid. I was in a room and hand to use the camera to search for a clue. I position the camera up and then boom in the ceiling was this scary looking ghost kid. I always find kid ghost to be more scary then the adult ones. Needless to say I drop the controller and turn the game off.

3. The story makes for a great horror game. Ghost are always trying to possess or make you do their bidding. In part 2 the ghost are trying to finish a ritual which involves two sisters. How scary can that be? A village of dead ghost running after trying to sacrifice your life. Yeah I would be freaked out. But don't take my word for it look at some videos below.