Dragon Age Origins DLC: Witch Hunt Review

Bioware has released their final DLC for Dragon Age Origins. This last DLC focuses on what happen's to Morrigan after the blight. This will contain spoilers so do not read if you haven't beaten the game.

For my Dragon Age game I used my Dalish Elf from Origins. I had a relationship with Morrigan and did the ritual with her. Now the DLC introduces my character "Falcon" looking for her with my Dog at Flemeth's hut. Here we are introduce to another Dalish Elf named "Ariane." She is also looking for Morrigan because Morrigan stole her clan's book. I'm looking for Morrigan because I love her. Now I won't spoil it any further. I will just say that the ending was not worth the hype. It's an open ended and you get no type of closer. It's a cliffhanger and the challenge is very easy. There is only one boss fight and it's against a creature name "Varterral." The DLC is very short it will take 2 hours the most. I was expecting more from this DLC, but what do you want for 7 bucks. The gameplay is the same as you control four different characters. There is new armors and weapons to collect. You can still level up your character. This DLC just doesn't offer much, besides two new characters who aren't really that interesting. There also is some bug issues with the ending. Sometimes the game will assume that you didn't take the ritual. Then sometimes it will say you did, when your character didn't. This problem is most known on PC and Xbox 360. On the PS3 it doesn't have this problem. Overall it's very disappointing.

Final Grade C- The DLC is short and the story is a cliffhanger ending. Most likely you will get your answers in March for Dragon Age II. You are only going to four to five locations. Even though it's 7 dollars, I can say this DLC only for the hardcore fans.