Delusional Teacher (Manga Review)

Teachers! We all have that one teacher that freak us out. Or that one teacher that makes us say. "Wow they are crazy." In "Delusional Teacher" we get a teacher who is extreme. However is her course worth taking? Or should you cut the class?

Story - The story follows a unnamed teacher with just one wish. She wishes to have a relationship with a student. Not a relationship in dating, but have an apprentice of sorts. However this is not going to be realized because everyone is a afraid of her. The students have good reasons to be afraid, she is a science teacher who does these weird experiments. One day second year student Yuuki Mina, goes to the teacher asking for help with a problem on science. When Yuuki ask for help, the teacher becomes overexcited and eventually mad. She starts stalking Yuuki watching her every move. She ease drops on her conversations and takes out anyone who talks bad about her. When the teacher finds out that people are trying to stop Yuuki from seeing her, all hell breaks loose.

You would think that a story about a psycho teacher would be great. Sadly this is not the case. The story is flat, characters are underdeveloped. Plus the teacher doesn't even have a name. The story lacks detail and you feel no connection to the characters. It's 25 pages long, but reading it you feel like the story was rushed. So many questions never get answered or raised. How did the teacher become like that? Who is she? Why is everyone avoiding her? Basic information that you will expect to know about a character you do not get here. However the illustrations are very detail, but that is not going to save this lackluster story.

Final Grade D+ - The story is rushed, underdeveloped and you don't really care for it. However the illustration and detail to setting is great. However this is a one time quick read.