What Happen To G4TV?

Disclaimer - This article does not reflect the views of everyone at OtakusandGeeks.com only Justin.

As I'm sitting at home, relaxing before my meeting today. I decided to do something I haven't done in a while. I decided to turn on the cable. As usual there was nothing stimulating for me to watch. I decided to check on my favorite channel from back in the day G4. I hit program guide to see what gaming shows they have for me to watch. Not to my surprise I see nothing besides X-Play and Attack Of The Show. What I did see is a bunch of non game related shows such as, "Cops", "Cheaters", "Ninja Warrior" (I LOVE NINJA WARRIOR FOR THE RECORD) and a bunch of Sci-Fi movies. Imagine having the Anime Channel and they don't show Anime. Instead they are showing live action shows and movies. This is how I feel about G4 right now. A channel that started for gamers, is now making me say what the hell has happen to G4TV?

G4 Of The Past - The G4 of the past I would watch all day when I had the time. They had many great shows that catered to the gaming audience. Some of these shows were "Judgement Day", "Filter", "Icons", "G4TV.com" and even "Code Monkeys" is M.I.A. See the classic G4 shows below. Yes I know "Code Monkeys" is more recent but they don't even re-run it.

Judgement Day




Code Monkeys

What Happen To G4TV? - There were other great gaming shows as well. I just can't think of them right now. The old G4 really catered to the gamers. It was a dream channel that many of us wanted. A channel that was all about videogames and geeky things all the time. Now I look at G4 today and all I see is Cops and Cheaters. What does Cops have to do with gaming? What does Cheaters have to do with gaming? I'm not the only one saying this. Look at the old videos of G4 on Youtube, and you will see a huge fan outcry for the old G4. I don't want to watch shows that I can see on FOX or other channels. I want to watch shows that are original. I want to see shows that you couldn't get anywhere else on cable.

If X-Play and Attack Of The Show are the only gaming shows G4 has, then they should change their slogan. If this was the old G4, the Videogame Awards would be on their channel and not Spike TV. My question is what happen? Did the big bosses in suits decided to just pull the plug? Did G4 just lose sight of it's audience? Or does G4 need new program management to create new shows? Regardless of this little rant or fans outcry there will always be politics. Politics is a bitch and it gets in the way of quality. Who knows maybe the staff at G4 really want the old G4 back. Maybe the big bosses are just not allowing it to happen. Did money get in the way of good programs on G4? It doesn't matter anymore. Either way I know one thing for sure, I have unplugged from this once great channel.