Vocaloid Vids

Even though Vocaloid is not an anime, I wish it was. Vocaloid is getting popular by the day is has such a large fan base. Here are a couple of vids I would like to share with you. If you don't know about this, then hurry up google or wiki it then go on youtube to watch it. It's freakin awesome! Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(These vids are not mine and most of these vids are from Nico Nico? Nico Video).

Go Go Mario!

Gackpo's Birthday

Japanese Ninja No.1

Hatsune Miku - Balalaika with English Sub

MMD Cirno's Perfect Math Class with English Sub

Cirno's Perfect Math Class by 300 jpn personz

Had to add this because of the above vid. Its insane. I wish my school could do this.

Still Alive

Cat Ears Switch - English & Chinese Sub - Kagamine Rin Len - nm8391285

So Kawaii!!!